Instagram Messenger Apps for Android, iOS, PC & Mac


The Instagram direct section known as DMs is one of the essential parts of this app for all users, especially business and professional accounts. The very old Instagram users remember that this ability, as most of the features on Instagram, was not available at first.

The Instagram direct section was added in December 2013 on this app and stole the heart of all the users.

This section allows the users to send messages as texts and photos and make voice and video calls. It presents the perfect opportunity for personal and professional accounts.

Personal accounts can make calls and chat with their friends and families; on the other hand, professional accounts interact more with their target audiences.

As you can understand, it is one of the best platforms to talk straightforwardly with your fans and customers, so based on this direct section is so vital to your progress.

Instagram Messenger Apps

To help you manage the direct section, we want to add some apps which can be a great assistant for you in managing your messages on Instagram.

So, if you want a helpful Instagram assistant for your direct section, read this article till the end. Let’s get familiar with these apps.

Instagram messenger apps to help you with DMs

Suppose you are a brand or business owner on Instagram, and you have to do networking and connect to the audiences through the Instagram direct section. Well, having an intelligent assistant with you is better for doing your job better and faster.

Here are some applications to help you with Instagram messenger. We try to add apps that are suitable for all devices you have installed in your Instagram app.

Instagram Messenger Apps for Android, iOS, PC & Mac

10 of the best Instagram messenger apps for Android, iOS, PC, and Mac are:

  1. DMpro

We start with one of the best and most downloaded Instagram messenger apps, which is DMpro. You can sign up for FREE and use all its marvelous features to have a more smooth experience on Instagram direct section.

In this list below, we have added the options you get using this fantastic app:

  • It Filters Instagram messages and grows your potential customers.
  • Mass dm on Instagram.
  • Receive and answer your Instagram DMs from your Email.
  • Access all messages without downloading them.
  • Send automatic direct messages to as many accounts as you wish.
  • Delete multiple Instagram messages Instantly.
  • Access Instagram direct from your desktop or mobile device.
  • Read Instagram Messages without Being Seen.

These are the most significant features of this app that help managers and Instagram admins handle better messages on Instagram and keep the followers satisfied.

Instagram messenger apps to help you with DMs

  1. Instamber

we have Instamber in second place. This Instagram tool mainly allows users to send targeted auto-direct messages.

Users and Instagram admins can sign up for free, but you are required to pay for a basic account to use all the features.

Instamber has some great Features worth noting:

  • It helps you in Sending welcome messages to your followers.
  • Message followers and non-followers.
  • Use custom direct messages.
  • Get many valuable features for Instagram.
  • Send mass DMs and sell on your Instagram Direct.

Let’s move to the following helpful app.

  1. Jarvee

Jarvee is not just for use for Instagram; it is an automation service that can improve your online presence on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

So if you are looking for a multiple usage app that can be an assistant for other social media too, you can download this particular service.

Instagram Messenger Apps for Android, iOS, PC & Mac

This platform is a Windows-based app. You can have it on your desktop, which is great for Instagram desktop users.

  1. Ingramer

Ingramer, Unlike DMpro, does not offer a free version. Thus, you have to pay to use its amazing features.

Some of the Ingramer Features are mentioned below:

  • You can send welcome IG messages to your new followers.
  • It splits customers into categories.

This app also offers several paid packages to use based on your needs.

  1. Instazood

Next, we have Instazood, which offers a five-day free trial and a $12 monthly payment if you want to continue using it.

It is better to be familiar with some of the elements:

  • A list of sent messages.
  • Welcome DMs/Mass messaging.
  • Custom DM messages.

Instagram Messenger Apps for Android, iOS, PC & Mac

  1. IGdm

IGdm is the effective automated Instagram DM tool available for you. IGDM direct message has a 14-day trial account letting the users test the tool.

Download and install a version that is suitable for your computer’s system. After installing it on your desktop will ask you to log in to your Instagram account.

  1. Instavast

This automating Instagram DMs helping tool is not free but offers a 3 days trial.

And its features are:

  • Buying likes and views for your posts.
  • Automating Instagram direct actions, including ending automated DMs.
  • Scheduling Instagram content.
  • Tracking comments.
  1. Gramto

Gramto Allows users to schedule their posts, do hashtag research, and automate the reposting process. Also, Send messages to promote their products and welcome messages.

Instagram Messenger Apps

  1. StimSocial

StimSocial mainly helps Instagrammers get more audiences. However, this tool doesn’t offer much information on its website regarding how it helps you with your IG message problems.

  1. Mobile Monkey

It does not offer a free version and allows you to send messages to those who have already shown interest in your Instagram content and interacted with it.

What is your opinion?

In this informative article, we have added all the most used apps, which greatly help manage the Instagram direct section.

You can see the best 10 Instagram messenger apps for Android, iOS, PC & Mac mentioned in this section.

Is it necessary to use apps like this while managing Instagram business? What is your opinion?


Have you ever downloaded and used any of these tools and apps? How was your experience? Please share your knowledge with us.

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