Why Do Instagram Messages Disappear From the Direct Section? (6 Main Reasons)


There have been reports from Instagram users that sometimes their messages on the direct section suddenly disappear without any reason. Although there might be some reasons which we are mentioning here:

  1. The user you are DMing with has disabled the account.
  2. You may have an internet connection problem.
  3. There might be a concern with your phone.

If you have checked all of them and didn’t find anything to fix, the problem is not the reason above. Instagram is one of the crucial platforms for its users because they have saved all their content and private chats.

So if something happens to their data, they feel so bad about it. Here we want to know why Instagram messages disappear from the direct section and how to bring them back. Let’s find out more about this topic.

Why do Instagram messages disappear from the direct section?

Why do Instagram messages disappear from the direct section?

Your Instagram DMs disappeared, but you are not blocked? Yes, it might happen for a number of users on Instagram.

Many Instagram users, especially professional accounts who have more messages on their direct, reported that they couldn’t receive or send any Instagram messages.

The main reason why Instagram DMs are not working is Instagram’s low status. So, users should wait for a couple of hours or days.

You can even send a request for support to Instagram and ask them to return the missing messages to your direct. However, they might answer you too late.

We have listed the main reasons why Instagram DMs are not showing:

  1. The sent message was a disappearing message.

A new Instagram feature is disappearing messages. Disappearing messages are the ones that include photos or videos in the direct section.

The message disappears after a while. When these messages disappear, they are expired, and the receiver can no longer open the image/video.

Why do Instagram messages disappear from the direct section?

  1. The sender has deleted the message in the direct section.

If you find out that one or some of the messages you have received has disappeared, there might be because of the sender of the messages! They might have unsent them. Instagram “Unsend” feature for the direct section is helpful because you may have sent a message by mistake.

This feature lets you quickly delete it before the receiver sees it. But there are some tricks you can use to read the unsend messages. If you want to know how to read the “Unsend” Messages” on Instagram, you can check this link to find out more about this topic.

So, all in all, if you notice that all the messages from a user have disappeared and your messages still exist, and the person has not blocked you, the messages have probably been unsent by the user.

Why do Instagram messages disappear from the direct section?

  1. The sender has blocked you.

One of the reasons why the Instagram direct message disappeared is you have been blocked by the user you were chatting with. This is true if one conversation disappears, not all of them.

Instagram’s block feature helps its users protect their privacy. When an Instagram user blocks another one, the platform prevents both sides from messaging and accessing chats.

Therefore, when you are blocked or have blocked a user, you cannot see the conversation in your DM inbox, and TBH it looks logical.

  1. Instagram is adding some new features, or it is down.

You can check if Instagram is really down through the news on the other social media platforms. They show clearly if Instagram is not working at the moment.

You can wait for some hours or days. Then it automatically will be fixed when everything is as usual.

Why do Instagram messages disappear from the direct section?

  1. The sender might have temporarily deactivated their account.

Another reason the message disappears on the direct section is that the person has temporarily or permanently deactivated the account.

When you delete your IG account, all the information will be kept in your account. But they will be deleted forever for other users. The other Instagram users cannot see your profile and send messages to you by deactivating.

  1. You have lost Your Internet connection.

Poor Internet connections nowadays have been the reason behind unexplainable events on social apps. You may have seen the times when you receive a message notification, but there is nothing new on your IG chat box.

Crack this problem by refreshing your page or even changing your location. You can disconnect your internet or turn off your Wi-Fi and then reconnect them.

What to do in the case are Instagram DMs not showing?

These are some tips you can use when you feel your messages on the direct section have disappeared or are not showing.

  1. Clear the Instagram cache.
  2. Check if your Instagram app is updated.
  3. There might be some changes in the phone’s IP, so turn off your VPN if it is connected.

Why do Instagram messages disappear from the direct section?

Upon consideration

In this part, we have explained why some of the Instagram messages on the direct section disappear. We have added 6 reasons for them and talked about their solutions.

If you can see the previous chats and just some of the DMs you have received are disappeared, the other Instagram user in the chat has deleted messages using the unsending feature.

On the other side, if you cannot access the conversation on your direct and can’t find the user by search, you may be blocked. And in the end, if you can see the conversation with the “Instagrammer” username, the person has deactivated their account.


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