When Does Instagram Pay You For Reels? +The Number Of Views To Earn a Bonus


Getting paid on Instagram is not just a dream anymore! Reels will help you get paid and earn directly from the Instagram platform.

It’s been a long time that reels on Instagram became so popular, and successful Instagrammers use this to share their content and make it more attractive.

Other than showing your creativity, Instagram reels would be a great source of making money on our beloved social app. In this article, we want to examine the ways you can make money through shared reels. Yes, you heard me right!

Making money is exciting, and it becomes more interesting if you do it using the app you share content for fun or other purposes.

Affiliate marketing and brand sponsorships are some of the primary ways to get paid for creating a Reel on this platform. Besides the mentioned ways, Instagram also has created opportunities for creators to earn money. How? By the Instagram Reels Play Bonus.

You can check this video on YouTube if you want to know after sharing reels when Instagram pays you. This guy has been incredibly explained when exactly Instagram pays you for sharing reels.

Let’s see how this Instagram Reels Play Bonus thing works and when does Instagram pay you for your Reels?

What Are Reels Play Bonus Features on Instagram?

In our previous papers, we discussed how to make money from Instagram reels and gave you tips and instructions. But here we are, examining the Reels Play Bonus feature on Instagram.

Reels Play bonus is a payout Instagrammers receive after their Reels get a specific amount of views within a certain period of time. According to other sources, it’s a way for Instagram creators to earn cash directly through the platform instead of through an affiliate or program brand sponsorship.

An important question arises, and that is: How much can Instagram pay its creators from Reels Play Bonuses? The payment significantly depends on the Play Bonus you’ve been given.

In 2021, some IG users reported they had gotten $1,200 for reaching almost 1 million views. However, this year, Instagram requires 11 M views for a $1,200 payout.

When Does Instagram Pay You For Reels

Suppose you wonder how the play bonus works; in the next paragraph, you will find your answer. Let’s check it together.

How the Play Bonus Works on Instagram

The Reels Play Bonus option is open to you for 30 days. You can access the Bonuses tab on your app and find the expiration day.

  • After starting to use this fantastic feature, Instagram gives you 30 days to get the bonus.
  • Your bonus payout will be chosen by the number of reels you share and also the number of views you receive per video. It depends on the performance of your Reels.
  • The per-play earnings might change over time, and it is not stable.

The final number of plays and payouts varies for each Instagram account. For instance, some creators had to hit 9.28 million views to earn a bonus of $8,500, while others had less or more.

When Does Instagram Pay You For Reels

How to access the payouts on your Instagram account?

  1. On your Instagram profile, go to the main menu.
  2. Now find and tap on the “Setting” option.
  3. Scroll to find “Business” and then hit on the “Bonus” option.
  4. In this part, you can see the payouts and all the dates you have to get money from Instagram.

You have to take care of 2 points if you want to earn “Reels Play Bonuses.” First, you should have at least 1,000 Reels views over the 30-day time that is given to you.

And the second one is, in most cases, the Instagram app will invite you to join the program, and then you can earn the Play Bonuses.

If you have enough played numbers for your reels, you will receive a pop-up in the Instagram app to join the bonus. If you have not yet been invited, even though you have enough viewers, you have to wait for the invitation.

When Does Instagram Pay You For Reels

How to set up the bonus option after getting an invitation?

Congratulations on getting the invitation from Instagram! Now you can have an excellent experience of getting paid through the app directly! Now, if you want to set up the bonus, you can do as per the instruction mentioned below.

Once getting an invitation:

  1. Go to the Instagram app and review, then accept the terms and conditions.
  2. Next, you have to choose your country and your business type (an individual or a business owner).
  3. Business owners: the next step you have to take is to confirm you’re the legal owner of the business. And also, you need to provide your tax and legal information.
  4. You must add a payout method (PayPal or others) and view your available bonuses. Activate the opportunities you want to set up.
  5. Select the option to activate the Reels Play Bonus.
  6. Add a payout account; otherwise, you will no longer be able to earn money through bonuses.
  7. It is essential to add a payout account within six months; if not, you’ll be deprived of your right to receive payment.
  8. After activating this option, you have to select the reels you want to earn money.

When Does Instagram Pay You For Reels

These are the steps to set up the bonus option after getting an invitation. Don’t panic! We have added the tips, too, so you can understand them better. It is so easy to a setup bonus payout.

We have reached the end of our discussion. I hope all the mentioned methods were helpful for you. Let’s jump to a conclusion.

On a final note

We talked about the proper time when Instagram pays you for Reels. As you know, you need to reach a certain amount of views for your reels, and then you have the opportunity to set up the Instagram reel play bonus.

We thoroughly discussed all the details you need to know in this regard, so you have no worries about using this great opportunity and getting paid on Instagram directly.

Please remember to write for us in the comment if you have any statements to share. We are waiting for your remarks.

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