15 Non-Copyright Music for Instagram Videos


Instagram has been an excellent forum for marketing and business. Many influencers, brands, and business owners have created an account representing their products there.

Since Instagram is popular, your content is viewed by many users. You have to create eye-catching content that attracts followers and more audiences.

There are so many ways to make your posts, videos, and commercials more creative. You can use your originality and add some GIFs, stickers, memes, and music.

But as you know, Instagram has so many strict rules about music and, in general, copyright.

Now you think, how can you add music to the background of your videos, so Instagram won’t warn you about this issue?

15 Non-Copyright Music for Instagram Videos

If you want to add music to your stories, Instagram has suggestions for you. Everyone can add music using the music section in the stories. They don’t have copyright issues and have been provided by Instagram to use them.

How can you add music to your story without a music sticker?

Some people might not like the music sticker on their stories. So how can you add music without them?

You can add music using Apple Music, SoundCloud, and Spotify. These are the ways that you can add some noise to your stories to make them more viewed.

But what about posts? How can you add non-copyright music to your Instagram videos?

Here we have brought some non-copyright music that you can use for making videos and sharing them on Instagram with no worries.

What is non-copyright music?

If you’re making Instagram videos more often, you are undoubtedly familiar with the “non-copyrighted music.”

Strictly speaking, “no copyright” is used only to public domain music whose copyrights have expired. Or a new record that the authors decided to make available for all the people.

15 Non-Copyright Music for Instagram Videos

15 Non-Copyright Music for Instagram Videos

Adding music to your Instagram videos is a great way to enhance your content and make it more viewed.

Whether you’re sharing your newest product with a song or adding background music to your video, you need some non-copyright music to share your content with relief.

Using music will take your videos to the next level. So stay with us to get familiar with some of this music.

  1. Pierse – Your Next Fantasy (Instrumental)
  2. Together – Impress Music (Original Mix)
  3. Pierse – Miss You
  4. Fortune Of Life (Free Download)
  5. JNG – Counterclockwise (Free)
  6. Scandinavianz – Andromeda (Free download)
  7. Pierse – Freedom
  8. Never Leave(ft.Jayden Salas)[No Copyright]
  9. Desiseq – Prisms [2021]
  10. Here We Go – Imperss Music
  11. Patterns in The Sky – Vlad Gluschenko
  12. Sky – hotham
  13. Velocity – Kaleido
  14. Yellow Waltz – Imperss
  15. Scandinavianz – Paraglide

These are some of the royalty-free music that you can use for your Instagram video backgrounds and make them to perfection.

Now let’s see how you can add music to your Reels to make them more attractive?

15 Non-Copyright Music for Instagram Videos

How to Add Music to your Instagram Reels?

Reels are the most accessible feature for adding music. Music and reels are inseparable, so here in the following part, we will go through adding music to the reels.

Follow the stages below to add music to the reels:

  1. Navigate to the reels and tap on the “Music” icon on top of the list on the left side.
  2. Find and choose the music that you want to add to the Reel.
  3. Use the slider on the screen to select the part of the song that you like to use.

Bingo, now you are done! Don’t worry if you forgot to add music while recording your Reel. Instagram will let you add it after recording.

Why do we have to use non-copyright music for our posts on Instagram?

As you know, and we already mentioned, Instagram has some strict rules for violating copyright. If you unintentionally do this, this platform will block your video or delete it automatically.

So all your tries will be gone for this slight error. It is more reasonable to have a look at these rules about copyright and use royalty-free content.

15 Non-Copyright Music for Instagram Videos

Some tips:

Try to add music based on your video’s theme. It is adequate to pay attention to the highs and lows in the video and choose a track according to this.

Consider if your video’s theme is colorful and happy, and you add a lo-fi song! It won’t be suitable. Or the opposite is also true.

The more your rhythm and the music rhythm are in harmony; you are killer!

In the End

All the platforms have rules for copyright issues, making users follow them. It would be better to pay attention to the creators’ rights and respect them.

Some Instagram users might face issues with their chosen music for videos. Here we added some non-copyright music that you can search and download for the video backgrounds.


If you know other music besides these that are free to use, please name them and share them with us in the section below.

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