How to Add Your Brand Colors in the Instagram Stories?


When you own a professional account on Instagram and own a brand, you need to keep and show your brand’s voice in each content you share on this platform. If you want to create a consistent page and maintain harmony, it is better to share content with your brand’s color theme.

This harmonic and eye-catching content first makes your home page more attractive, and second, it makes your followers notice your stories and posts or reels faster on their feed among the other posts.

It is kind of an excellent method you can use to show your creativity and evoke your imagination and show it to your audiences on the internet.

As you know, on Instagram, the Story section has so many viewers. 400 million people already use the Instagram “Story” section per day. 500 million accounts on IG use “Stories” every day, and 1/3 of this number are business stories.

How can you Add Your Brand Colors to Instagram Stories

So this is a vital section to represent your brand voice. If you want to know how to do this efficiently, read this article.

How can you add your Brand Colors to Instagram stories?

To compete better and survive in this world of colorful and competitive content-sharing on Instagram, you need to find some tricks to help you grow faster on social media. So based on this fact, you might have already noticed the importance of the stories.

And to be successful in amusing people and increase your engagement rate, you can play with colors. Not every color! You need to use your brand’s theme and color.

But how can you use your brand color in a story? Here we have brought a step-by-step guide for you.

If you already use your Brand Colors and you have it as your branding guide:

Press command + shift + 4 for the screenshot tool and select your colors. Save this screenshot to your desktop so you can quickly grab it in the next step.

How to Add Your Brand Colors in the Instagram Stories

If you don’t have your Brand Colors:

I would recommend hiring a brand designer. It is a crucial phase when you want to start a business and expand it on social media.

Furthermore, you can also do it yourself if you’re just starting out and want to save for other plans. in this case, you can use a free design tool such as Canva.

  • Create a custom canvas, and then create circles as many as your brand’s colors on the canvas and change the colors to your desired color palette. Save the picture as a PNG.
  • I suggest you create a folder on your phone for all your brand elements so you don’t have to search your whole library when you need to have them handy. After that, send your color palette picture to your phone.

How to Add Your Brand Colors in the Instagram Stories

Now follow the guide to enjoy adding your brand’s primary colors to your stories:

  1. After you have saved your screenshot on your phone, open your Stories section.
  2. Upload the photo/video that you wish to post on Instagram Stories.
  3. And then, from the smiley face sticker in the story, select “add photo” and then add your color palette.
  4. Guess what? Your color palette picture will appear in the bottom left. Now drag it into your Stories.
  5. Your story is ready to be decorated with your brand colors and theme. Solely add text and when you choose your color, tap on the “eyedropper” doodad to select any of the colors on the color palette.
  6. There you are! Enjoy this magic trick and advance your story section.

You can remove your palette behind you have completed your design by dragging it to the trash.

How can you Add Your Brand Colors to Instagram Stories

Using this method, you can create any color you like in your story and make all eyes freeze while watching your stories. This is a great trick to adding your own theme to all content you share in the story section.

In the end

There is no limitation in creating content on social media, especially Instagram. All you need to have is a bit of creativity with a great passion for your business and job. If you are eager to expand and develop your brand on this app, you need these tools to motivate you toward your desires.

In this part, we’ve explained to you how to share stories using your brand’s colors. Just make a color palette picture containing your theme color on Instagram, and then follow the process mentioned above.

You can have all the colors in the world using this method and use them to write or draw on the photo or video you want to share.


Please let us know if you liked this tip in the comments below. And tell us what kind of tricks you want to learn to use on Instagram? We are waiting for your ideas.

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