How to Add an Instagram Link to a YouTube Channel to Develop Your Business?


Instagram can be a gigantic platform for increasing your engagement rate and gaining followers worldwide.

If you have other accounts, you can promote them using Instagram. If you share your Instagram links to your other platforms, you will receive more followers, and the opposite is also correct.

One of the platforms you can add your Instagram link is YouTube. YouTube is one of the biggest content-sharing forums that if you act well on it, you can gain money.

If you want to link these 2 platforms, we recommend doing that. Read this article to know how you can do that. We have mentioned some ways to add your Instagram link to your YouTube channel. Let’s dive in.

How to Add an Instagram Link to a YouTube Channel

Why is it better to add your Instagram link to your YouTube channel?

Consider you are running your YouTube channel and Instagram account simultaneously. If your followers and subscribers are not balanced, you need to link these 2 platforms.

Doing this makes your followers on Instagram, who haven’t noticed you have a channel on YouTube, find out that you are on YouTube.

And also, on the other side, if you are on YouTube and want to represent your Instagram account, what a way better than sharing its link?

Your followers will notice you have a more extensive community on Instagram. Besides all of these, it is an excellent way to share all your social media accounts with your audiences. Now let’s see which ways we can link these 2 popular apps.

How to Add an Instagram Link to a YouTube Channel

How can you add your Instagram link to your YouTube channel?

Moving Instagram followers to YouTube channels isn’t that hard. This act will increase your media presence and raise your brand’s voice correctly.

Your success on each social media platform relies on consistency. This is an essential fact that you need to pay attention to.

Where can you add links?

You can’t add the link in Instagram captions; it won’t be copied.

What is the solution?

Add your Instagram link to your YouTube captions and make sure your audiences notice it.

You can mention while you are recording your YouTube vlog, saying: hey, follow my Instagram page; the link is in the caption. Or add your Instagram username in your videos as a simple but noticeable tag.

How to Add an Instagram Link to a YouTube Channel

How to add your Instagram link to your YouTube video description on desktop:

After preparing your video, upload it on your YouTube channel and follow the steps below:

  1. Hit on your profile photo in the top corner of the page.
  2. On the menu, tap on “YouTube Studio.”
  3. On the new page, which shows a summary of your videos, click on “Videos” In the sidebar.
  4. Click on the title of the video.
  5. Copy the full URL of your Instagram page that you want to link to, and then paste it into the YouTube video description box.
  6. All you have to do is hit on “Save” to save the changes.

Don’t be worried; YouTube automatically will make your text into a URL.

How to add your Instagram link to your YouTube video description in the mobile app:

These steps are both for android and iPhone users; you can follow the steps on each device.

  1. In the YouTube app, navigate to your video, but don’t open it. You can find your video in the “Library” section too.
  2. Tap the three dots to the right side of your video’s title and thumbnail.
  3. On the menu, tap on the “Edit” option.
  4. You can edit your description, title, and more on the opening page. Copy and paste the Instagram URL into the description field.
  5. Don’t forget to hit on “Save” when you are done.

Using these simple steps, you can add your Instagram link, or any other links you want, to your YouTube video descriptions on desktop or mobile.

How to Add an Instagram Link to a YouTube Channel

If you were searching for ways to link your Instagram to YouTube, we recommended this. You can also add your YouTube channel link in the “Website” section on your bio on Instagram to make this process complete.

You can share just 1 link on your Instagram bio, but you can share as many links you want in the video description on YouTube. But don’t forget to add the important ones, and ensure your audiences will see them or notice them.

All in all

YouTube and Instagram are the best platforms to be active and share content. They have so many options and tools to improve your accounts and gain more followers or subscribers.

Linking them can be a significant help for you to be discovered by 2 different target audiences.


If you have any problems linking your Instagram account to the YouTube channel, mention your problem, so we can help you in the comment section ASAP.

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