Top 5 Best Instagram Mods in 2023| What Is It & How Does It Work?


If you don’t know anything about a mod, let me explain it to you all. Modded Instagram is the same as the official Instagram, but it has more features.

For instance, if you want to download stories, photos, and videos, it is possible in the Instagram modded version. But as you know, the original IG version doesn’t offer it.

So basically Instagram mod version is the version that contains all the extra features that you can’t find on the regular version.

There are many different types of official apps, and their Mods are available for you, including various features that are needed and available to use.

The term “Mod” means Modified, which means any modified version of an app, for example, Instagram, will be called a Modded app.

Top 4 Best Instagram Mods in 2022 | What Is It & How Does It Works?

If you install a mod on your device, it would be very easy for you to find different tools and features in one place. Mods are explicitly being used because they provide the users with the new and various features you could not find on the Original App.

What is Instagram Mod, and how does it work?

Instagram Mods are made up to have fun while using it with new and updated features that you can’t find on Official Instagram.

There are different types of Instagram Mods with different tools and features that help us enjoy more than simply staring at the Instagram content by not even downloading it. Instagram Mods comes up with exciting features you won’t find in the Official Instagram app.

Let’s move further to know the top Instagram Mods and see which one is users’ favorite?

Top 4 Best Instagram Mods in 2022 | What Is It & How Does It Works?

Top 5 best Instagram Mods:


The first modifier on the list we have provided is Instagram+. The Instagram+ mod is a modified version of Instagram for android users.

Which have features like:

  • You can notice if someone is following you
  • Direct share URL
  • You can enlarge Instagram pictures
  • You can view Instagram profile pictures (using a Long click)
  • Download feature
  • Auto start videos with sound

GB Instagram

GB Instagram version is among the many modded Instagram Apk. This version allows Instagram users to download photos and videos. Furthermore, it has unlocked many features.

And this is one of the most widely used modded versions of Instagram:

  • Different themes are available.
  • You can copy the Bio of other users.
  • Allows you to copy comments directly.
  • You can have two IG accounts on the same device.
  • It allows Instagram users to copy or share the URLs of Instagram content.
  • GB Instagram will allow you to translate the comments.
  • You will be notified interestingly once a new version is out.

Top 4 Best Instagram Mods in 2022 | What Is It & How Does It Works?

InstaUltra MOD

  • Same as its name represents, this mod has tons of different features.
  • Support all Links in the App.
  • Hide View Live Video.
  • Customize the header, feed, and stories tab.
  • Anti-Ban.

Instagram Pro

One of the Instagram mods is Instagram Pro, and it has various tools and features, which I have brought some of them in the following section.

  • Download Instagram content
  • Zoom Profile photos
  • Copy or share Instagram URL
  • Download IG Stories
  • Copy/Translate IG Comment
  • Removed ads from tapes and stories
  • Unreadable direct
  • Listening to stories with music without using a VPN
  • Copy and translate comments
  • Copy bio from the profile on click
  • Disable swipe navigation in the tape (left in the camera, right indirect)
  • Clickable links in comments

What are the Instagram modified Common features?


When you press the share button on OGInsta+, you’ll get an opportunity not just to share the picture or video link but also to download it. You can download videos, photos, and stories like the others using this mod.

What are the Instagram modified Common features?

What we see first in any modified app are the features! There are various features we can use after installing the Instagram Mods.

It has exciting features that could excite you to the top level and help you enjoy and use new features.

Some of the most common features of the Instagram Mods are listed below:

  1. Downloading Instagram feed content
  2. Downloading Instagram stories
  3. Copy descriptions, URLs, and comments
  4. Applying theme
  5. Various Languages

What are the Instagram modified Common features

Why does some Instagram user use Instagram Modifiers?

Instagram Modifiers have various new features that we have always wanted to have on the Instagram app itself. We can download photos or videos without getting into trouble. One can enjoy the latest and best features of the app.

The popularity of Instagram mods is increasing because of the number of downloads users are eager to accomplish.

Final notes

This paper is a review of Instagram mods we hope you like and enjoy it. Instagram modifies fun to use, and they have so many extra versions you can use to smoothen your experience while exploring Instagram.


Have you ever used any of these modifies? If positive, please share your experience in the section below.

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