Improving Business During the “Black Friday” on Instagram: Tips & Tricks


This moment is the best time to start creating ideas and thinking about your Black Friday marketing on Instagram.

Over the last months, Instagram has released various new e-commerce features to support small businesses and brands to expand their businesses.

After the Pandemic, most customers are unlikely to shop in-store, so now, more than ever, it is an excellent time for you to make sure you’re ready for this event and upcoming events like this.

If you want to use this great event to level up and improve your business, we bring some tips and tricks to use on these special days and satisfy your customers’ needs.

Improving Business During the "Black Friday" on Instagram

How You Can Improve Your Business During the Instagram Black Friday?

It’s Black Friday on Instagram! The best time to post on Instagram is Black Friday. Why? You can sale more. The answer is so easy.

  • Start your Black Friday bonus earlier and end later than usual.

This will help your customers have enough time to decide what they will buy, and if you don’t have a site to order, your team will have enough time to answer all the DMs.

It will also make your customers buy the products with a sigh of relief and have a pleasant experience of buying so that they will choose you again for other shopping experiences. Don’t steak to just one day, and add more days as you can.

  • Create and offer packs of your products.

If you are selling beauty cosmetics or accessories, stationery, books, or anything, make a pack of your best-sale products and offer them at a good and reasonable price.

  • Make a video for announcing the BIG SALE.

Since it is a great event almost all around the world, don’t represent it by just sharing photos.

Creating exciting videos makes this announcement perfect; it will also be easier to share the detail of this event in video content.

  • Give gifts to your followers & customers.

If you have just started your business, make sure you consider at least a small gift for your customers.

It is a small move but a big help for you at the beginning of this journey. If you had set up your Instagram Shop and want to encourage people to buy from your shop, use this trick and

  • Use Black Friday hashtags, or create one for your brand.

At the moment, there are 18.5 million posts under the #BlackFriday hashtag on Instagram. It is a considerable number!

Use Black Friday sale hashtags like this to categorize and receive more viewers for your posts in these kinds of events.

If you create and design your Instagram Black Friday hashtags, you will give easy access to your audience, so they cannot miss a single post of yours on these special days.

  • Organize your posts and share them at a particular time.

Finding the best time to share your content is critical. On these special days, it will become more critical than ever.

You have to find the best time that all your followers are active and online. In that case, your post will be shown in the feed and catches the sight of your followers.

  • Be prepared for any unlikely situation.

These days, the number of orders will be increased more than ever; if you are selling from your page, make sure you have enough team members and handle this situation well.

If you have a site to order, it would be better, but make sure you have improved its Bandwidth. So it wouldn’t be down in case of a sudden increase of users.

  • Pay more attention to your most popular products.

Before the sale, make sure you have enough products based upon your followers’ needs. If you have one or more popular products, make sure that you have enough number of them.

While creating a video for announcing the sale, begin with these products and put them in the center of concentration.

  • Write creative captions with strong CTA for Your Posts.

Your CTA (Calling to action) can be asking Followers to comment on your post, using a gift code, pre-order a product, and so other things.

  • Announce the Black Friday sale with your account’s theme.

It’s important to stay true to your Instagram concept. You can use big black fonts or ready wallpapers, or make them authentic to represent your account’s characteristics.

Your Instagram business on Black Friday should be with your tone and style in the followers’ feed.


We hope you create killer posts and stories for your Instagram business on Black Friday marketing! By using these tips and tricks and preparing beforehand, you will organize and manage all other events and not just Black Friday.

Get ready and start planning for next Black Friday, Cyber Mondays, or any upcoming events.


How do you manage your special events on Instagram? Let us know in the comment section.

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