What Does CF Mean on Instagram?


The meaning of CF is an abbreviate word for close friends on Instagram.

And as you know, this word refers to a private story setting where you can post a personal story for a chosen list of followers closer to you.

Many people are eager to find more friends and followers on Instagram, while some others, despite their high rate of followers, want to interact with more close ones.

Or others that have numerous followers sometimes want to share more personal things on Instagram with their family or friends.

Instagram provided this feature in 2018. This feature is called “Close friend,” allowing you to share photos or videos on the story for chosen followers.

Instagram gives users the potency to share stories with privacy and engage with groups that they want.

Lots of people become a fan of this tool because they can communicate with their private and closer followers and friends or families.

This article will go through all the things you need to know about this private feature.

Close Friend list on Instagram

Close Friend on Instagram

The close friends setting, as known as “CF story,” means that you can pick a number of followers and friends and families to share private or personal photos or videos.

Instagram Close Friends is a tool and ability that helps you create a list of followers who have a special permit to view your private Stories.

When you post a Story and select this chosen list, only the accounts you’ve chosen to be on your Close Friends list can see it.

How can you choose your Close Friends?

You have to do this process manually, add or remove your followers through the Close Friends setting.

Close Friends on Instagram is an excellent way to ignore all the unrelated followers and post photos to more private people.

Now let’s see how can you create your list and enjoy this feature:

  • Open the app.
  • Navigate to your profile at the bottom-right of the screen.
  • Press the horizontal lines on the page.
  • Select the “Close Friends.”
  • Scroll through the list of your followers and tap on “Add” to add the accounts you want to your Close Friends list.
  • You should add at least one account to your Close Friends list to be able to use this feature.

You can “Add” or “Remove” the followers you want to change from the same section.

Close Friend on Instagram

How to post a story for your close friend list?

Now that you have created this list, it is time for you to take advantage and post your personal stories for them.

Follow the simple guide below to post your story:

  1. On the Instagram app, Press the Story Camera button on your screen.
  2. Upload or create your story.
  3. At the underside of the screen, tap on the Close Friends option.

The close friend story appears in the feed with a green circle around it, instead of the same color for regular stories.

People and the followers who aren’t on the list won’t be able to see this in their feed. The accounts you have chosen will see the story with the “Close Friend” label in the feed.

The stories on the close friend will remain for 24 hours, the same as the others.

An excellent trick to increase the engagement rate through CF stories:

If your stories don’t have the same view rate, and you want to increase the engagement rate in the story, you can add 10 or fewer or more followers to the close friend list.

This will make your stories display in the first parts than others, and the green color will cause them to tap and see your stories.

After some time, your regular stories will be shown in the first rows of other people’s stories.

This leads to having more engagement rate and more views on your stories.

Close Friend on Instagram


It is so annoying to scroll through your followers and choose them to hide stories. This handy and welcomed feature lets you select the most particular people and followers to view your personal story.

And sometimes, when you hide people in the story, you might forget to bring it back to normal, and they miss the stories that they have to see.

This will be a mistake if you have a business or professional account.

In my opinion, Instagram provides this feature to prevent harassment comments or replies for private photos.

Despite having the “Hide” option, the CF stories are more handy and easy to use. It is a general list that you can add or remove people easily and be comfortable sharing things that you like with your likely people.

Do you have a close friends list on Instagram?

What do you think about the advantages of the CF stories feature?

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