How to Change Instagram Icon on iPhone & Android 2022? +Two Free Methods


Instagram icon has a flawless design, the square, circle, and dot that transcribes the feeling of a classic camera with a touch of simplicity.Instagram

The colors are well combined, and they represent the app’s concept properly. This minimal design is impressive for all purposes. But some users still like the old version of the Instagram icon and are tired of the current minimal version.

Also, there are some users that like to change every apps’ icon to make some changes to the appearance of their phone menu.

For a short time, Instagram included the ability for its users to change the icon. You could change the icon from the app’s own settings, but it was only a gift to celebrate its 10th anniversary. Here’s how you can do it using other apps on your iPhone or Android.

How to Change Instagram Icons on iPhone and Android 2022

How can you change Instagram icons on iPhone 2022?

Yes, it is good news to be able to change the Instagram icon, but you need some prerequisites. This part clearly explains what you need and how to change this minimal icon.

You need to have: iOS 14 or iPadOS 14 or a higher version and install the Shortcuts app on your device, and the image you want to use for the Instagram app icon should be saved on your Photos library.

Ensure you have all the ingredients above! Using the Shortcuts app is easy; you just need to create a new shortcut, then select the Open App action.

From this part, choose Instagram, name this shortcut such as “Instagram,” and finally select the photo to use as the new shortcut image. After all these processes, your shortcut will appear on your screen with the old Instagram icon.

How to Change Instagram Icons on iPhone and Android 2022

Now, what to do with the original version of Instagram? You don’t need 2 Instagram apps on your phone!

Simply hide it, so you don’t have two apps on your home page.instagram

How can you change Instagram logo on Android 2022?

For android users, the story is a bit different. You have some options and need third-party apps to accomplish this process. Here we have included 2 ways, so you can choose the one that is easy for you, or you find better.

  • Use a launcher:

First, let’s define a launcher. Launcher is the way you arrange and organize your apps on your Android device. Launchers consist of a series of home screens, where we can place app shortcuts or widgets, while the remains of our apps sit in an application drawer.

This is a way to change your Instagram icon (or other app icons). You need to install a launcher. In addition, to allow you to customize the phone’s appearance, launchers have the option to change the icons.

How to Change Instagram Icons on iPhone and Android 2022

Smart Launcher, for Android, is a popular launcher and makes it easy to change your phone’s icons. But you can accomplish the same process with other launchers too.

After Installing “Smart Launcher” from the Google Play Store, follow the guidance below:

  1. If you Run Smart Launcher for the first time, complete the initial setup.
  2. You can use the app’s premium version, but you can continue using it for free.
  3. Find Instagram on the Communication page.
  4. Tap and keep its icon until a pop-up appears.
  5. Choose the Edit icon.
  6. Select the Instagram icon you want to use. You can choose from your phone’s photo gallery, Smart Launcher collection, or any other installed icon packs.

Now you have changed your Instagram icon. What an easy way to complete this task! Let’s move on to method number two, using other third-party apps.

How to Change Instagram Icons on iPhone and Android 2022

  • Use an app:

You can find numerous apps on Google Play that assist you in changing your apps icons. But here, we introduce the “X Icon Changer” app and demonstrate how the process works. Still, you can use another app if you prefer.

  1. On Google Play, find and Install X Icon Changer.
  2. On a blank spot on your phone’s home screen, tap and hold your finger, and in the menu, select Widgets.
  3. Scroll down and find X Icon Changer. Tap and hold the icon; then, let it go of your phone’s screen when the home screen appears.
  4. Scroll to find installed apps on your phone and find Instagram.
  5. Tap on it, then select the image you want to use.
  6. You can choose among all the pre-made icons; also, you can take a photo or select one from your library.

After you are done, hit “OK.” you have to wait through the occasional Ad to complete these changes, like other icon-changers apps.

How to Change Instagram Icons on iPhone and Android 2022

Using these methods, you can change any apps’ icon, especially Instagram, and add the cute old version to your phone.

On the whole

In this paper, we discussed changing Instagram’s icon to the old version. You can do it on your iPhone and Android devices, whether phone or tablet, and iPad. These are the easiest ways you can change any icon as you desire.

If you wonder why the Instagram team tended to change its logo, the reason is they thought the previous version was a bit weak to represent the app’s identity and the new Instagram icon has more warmth and energy.


What is your opinion? Which one do you prefer the most? Please make a conversation down here.

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