How to Change Your Instagram Password or Reset It? (Keep Your Security Up In 2022)


Nowadays, keeping safety and security on Social media is an important topic. You need to know how to keep your safety and keep your profiles secure on all the platforms. One of the most used apps in 2022 is Instagram.

This app has over 1 billion users worldwide, and half of them use Instagram daily. With this amount of users, Instagram keeps its security more seriously to satisfy the Instagrammers’ needs.

There are some times that you might suddenly log out of your Instagram account and couldn’t get back in there! For all of us, it has happened. This situation becomes worth it if you forget your password too! What a complicated situation!

In the following part, we have brought the steps to reset and change the password of Instagram in case you require it.

How to Change Your Instagram Password or Reset It?

The Instagram help center has recommended changing the password regularly and choosing a solid password. Selecting a strong pass is the best protection. And also don’t forget and memories it. If you don’t trust your mind, write it somewhere; you can find it later!

How can you change your Instagram password? (On iPhone & Android)

This is so easy, but important if you want to keep everything safe and secure. Follow these steps to change your password regularly.

  1. Go to the Instagram app, find your profile and tap the three short lines at the top right.
  2. Tap on the Settings section, then find the Security tab. After that, “Password.”
  3. You have to Enter your current pass and then the new strong one.
  4. In the end, tap to “Save” the changes.

How can you change your Instagram password? (On the desktop website)

Most of the users are comfortable with the desktop version of Instagram. So we tried to bring the steps to changing the password on your PC or Mac.

Just follow the guidance below:

  1. Head to “” on your PC or Mac. Then login if it is needed.
  2. Go to your account and tap on the icon next to Edit Profile.
  3. Now you can see “Change Password.”
  4. Enter your senior (current) password and the new pass you want to set.
  5. After all, click on the “Change Password.”

These are the steps to changing your password when you remember it! You need to change the Insta pass regularly to maintain your security, as we mentioned above.

How to Change Your Instagram Password or Reset It? (Keep Your Security In 2022)

Now, what if you forgot your password and cannot enter your Instagram profile? In this situation, you need to reset your password.

How can you reset your Instagram password? (On Android & iPhone)

The steps are identical for Android and iPhone, so we combine them. If you forgot your watchword, and you can’t enter your Instagram profile, you need to ask the help from Instagram and reset your pass.

To do so, just track the steps below and solve this problem:

  1. Open the Instagram app. You can’t see your profile page because you are logged out.
  2. Find the “Forgot password” and tap on it on the screen.
  3. Enter either your username or phone number to continue.
  4. After that, Instagram will email you (if you entered your email address) or a text (if you entered your phone number)
  5. From that email (or text), you can log in to your Instagram directly or reset your Instagram password.

How can you reset your Instagram password? (On Website)

If you forget your Instagram pass and want to reset it through the website, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Heat to Instagram’s Reset Password page.
  2. In this part, enter your phone, email, or username to get your login link.
  3. Follow Instagram’s instructions to log in and reset your password.

These are all set for your security, and you can use them in need. But it is better to enable two-factor authentication to make it extra secure. We have wholly explained it in this paper, so take a look.

How to Change Your Instagram Password or Reset It? (Keep Your Security In 2022)

What can you do to keep your security on Instagram?

  • Select a strong password.
  • Change your password regularly.
  • Don’t give your password to anyone! I repeat ANYONE.
  • Make sure you have updated your phone number if you have changed it and your email account is secure.
  • It is better to turn on the 2FA. (Two-Factor Authentication)
  • When entering your profile on other computers, never tap on the “Remember me” notification, which pops up on their browser.

If you pay attention to this point, you will be in no danger on Instagram, no one can enter your account, and you will be safe.

Furthermore, keep in mind that don’t trust unknown third-party apps and just use the safe and recommended apps.

How to Change Your Instagram Password or Reset It

To make the long story short

Following all these steps will increase the security of your page and keep you safe. Knowing the information above is necessary for everyone using the most popular application, Instagram!

We hope you have learned how to reset and change your passcode on Instagram to prevent account loss. And don’t forget to keep your phone number and email address updated.


If you want to share something with us on this topic, the comment section is all for you. We will gladly answer you.

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