Changing Instagram Highlight Cover: To Make it Special


As you know, Instagram’s highlights are one of the essential parts in making your profile attractive and elegant. They were introduced on Instagram in 2018, and they have been welcomed right at the moment since now.

The reason is, Highlights give us this opportunity to save our best stories in a great category.

At first, you had to post pictures on the story, then you could add them to your highlight cover, but after a while, an option has been added that you can upload a cover from your device.

Here we give tips about uploading a cover for your highlights and some applications for creating and finding unique and fancy backgrounds.

How to change your highlight Cover without posting on a story?

You can change and update your highlight’s cover without posting them on your story by following the structures below:

  • Tap on one of your Instagram highlights.
  • Click on 3 small dots at the bottom of the screen
  • and then edit highlight
  • Choose “Edit Cover” and add a new cover icon directly to the highlight.
  • You can choose one of your stories in the same highlight, or you can add a new one from your Gallery.
  • After you select a cover, adjust it to the circle and make sure it is fit.
  • Tap o the arrow, and then “Done.”

The highlight section is so important. If you make a special highlight covers and pick a suitable theme, your account will be mesmerizing and harmonic.

Try to select the covers based on your page’s concept. And make sure each cover suits its category and its name.

In the following part, we explain how to make beautiful covers for the highlight section.

Applications that can help you make covers for Instagram highlights

You can use Instagram to make great covers using GIFs, but some applications are also great for making covers. Some of them are mentioned here:

After downloading the app, choose Canva’s pre-selected background colors or choose your own. You can also add your brand’s hex code color. Click the plus sign, and under the color wheel, there is the option to add a color code.

Add icons, spiral lines, and boxes. For instance, search for a post box and add a post Icon. Then you can have a special highlight for your sent packages.

Canva has many free icons or premium options if you sign up and create a premium account.

After you are done, save it on your device. And by using the structure that we added above, change your highlight covers. This application even has a site where you can work it on your borrower.

Changing Instagram highlight Cover


Navigate to the app, hit the + button, choose a background color or add it from the Color Picker section.

In the bottom bar, tap on “Stickers.” you can search for anything needed for making a cover. Also, you can add filters and other options to make your cover shiny.

After you are done, tap on the arrow. And then save it on your device.

Changing Instagram highlight Cover


If you are not that kind of person to make your own highlights, we introduce other application here:

I think everyone who is into finding ideas and unique backgrounds is familiar with this application. It is an inseparable app for those who care about finding or making background.

Of course, the application is not just for finding or making backgrounds, but here we are focusing on this feature of Pinterest.

Tap on the app, hit the magnifier icon, and search for the backgrounds you need to use in the Instagram highlight.

You can also search “Instagram highlight covers,” and it suggests you the sets of backgrounds. This is an excellent and easy-to-use app; you might get addicted after exploring it for a while.

Changing Instagram highlight Cover


Last words

Instagram Highlights allows you to highlight your picked stories, and they will remain on your profile as long as you want. It is a collection of Instagram top stories, so they have to be organized and categorized well.

Try to add your best viewed and important information and stories on it, and take care of its appearance. If you are really obsessed with highlight covers, and you have a business account or a brand, make different sets of covers and update your highlight covers once in a while.

Since we have millions of accounts and users on Instagram, people love seeing fancy and creative profiles.

If you want to be successful and keep your followers on your profile page longer, make sure to create a nice theme for your highlight cover based on your posts theme and your page’s content.

If you find these tips and introduced applications useful, share them with your friends. Also, we are waiting to hear from you in the comment section.

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