How to Clear Instagram Cache? (on iPhone & Android)


Well, as you know, all the devices have temporary spaces or memories for storing data. The purpose of this space is to control the speed and run programs smoothly and without any slowness.

Sometimes this cache becomes full, makes devices work slowly, and makes some phones warm in their battery area.

So we have to find a solution and don’t let this happen. For preventing this problem, we can clear the Instagram cache.

If you have trouble using Instagram, it might be because of your temporary storage.

Almost all visual and photos applications need to have a cache for saving and uploading pictures faster, so you don’t have to wait too long just to see the same image again and again.

instagram clear cache

Nobody wants bugs and flaws while using this attractive application now; let’s see how to solve this slight issue and increase our device’s speed.

How to clear the Instagram cache on Android device?

It is so simple. First, let’s begin with Android users.

I think it is much easier than iPhone users, so let’s dive in:

  • Open the setting in your phone (not on Instagram), and choose storage
  • Find “other apps” and search to find Instagram
  • Tap on the clear cache to clean all the temporary data.

Note: some other android devices should follow this instruction:

  • Go to Setting.
  • Find the Apps section.
  • You can search Instagram in the search part.
  • Tap on Instagram.
  • Choose storage and then choose the “clear cache” in the right lower corner.

Now you have a clean cache, and you won’t face any bugs or slowness.

instagram clear cache

How to clear the Instagram cache on iPhone device?

It is time for iPhone users, be steady!

Unfortunately, there is just one way to clear Instagram’s cache through your phone:

Uninstalling and then reinstalling. Let us find out how this works:

  • Find the app on your phone’s Home page or in the “App Library” section.
  • Hold on to the Instagram application until a menu appears for you.
  • Choose “Remove App” or the negative sign in the top-left corner.
  • Confirm the “delete the app” request.

And then, you can reinstall Instagram from the App Store and login into your account again. No worries!

Both android and iPhone users can clear cache by using the app itself, which would be easy for them. Instagram has the ability to clear some data in its application.

It is not all of its caches, but you can remove the search history. So let’s see how we can do that?

Clearing search history thorough Instagram app itself:

  • First you have to choose “Settings” on your profile
  • Find “Security”
  • Choose Clear Search History if you are an iPhone user
  • And Search History if you are an Android user
  • Tap “Clear All”

So easy! Now, here we bring a tip for computer users of Instagram.

If you want to clear the search history on your desktop, just follow these steps:

  • Enter on your browser.
  • Click on Privacy and Security.
  • Then tap on View Account Data.
  • “View all” under Search History will appear for you.
  • Then you can click on Clear Search History and then ‘Yes, I’m sure.’

You are done with your searching histories, and they are gone now!

Remember this fact that after clearing the cache, the app might work a little slower on your phone, but after downloading the primary data, it will be ok, so don’t be upset if that happens to you, and be patient!

Instagram clearing cache

Final words

We all are using Instagram and other social media every day. It brings considerable data and downloads many photos and other things in our phones or computers and cache.

We should know how to delete this extra and, at some points unnecessary, data. It has become a part of our life to take care of our devices and their storage.

With this trick, don’t be worry about your storage and explore this fantastic app with peace of mind.

We recommend learning how to clear cache or search histories of every application you are using, just in case you might need to clear them someday.


If you have suggestions or questions about clearing the Instagram cache, please inform us in the comment section.

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