How to Manage Your Comment Section on Instagram?


From a private user or business account, influencers or celebrities, no matter your purpose on Instagram, you always want to manage and customize your account.

For helping you in this critical field, we bring up this topic: how can you manage your comments on Instagram?

Obviously, there are people we don’t want to see them commenting on, or there are some words or some biased thoughts bothering us, and we don’t want to deal with them.

Instagram has lots of options in the comments to use them and make a better place for our mind and soul.

They are no more bothering and bulling.

Now, we will get familiar with the options that we have in the comment section.

how can you manage comment section on Instagram

How can we manage our comment section on Instagram?

  • Deleting comments

Well, the first one is so simple, and everybody knows the way of deleting the comment, as following stages:

  1. Find the post that you have commented on, and it can be your own post or other users.
  2. Tap on the comment.
  3. At the upper right side, select the delete icon.

This is for deleting your comments anywhere and others on your post.

  • Filtering comments

Turning this feature on will help you to hide any comments that seem inappropriate or disturbing. You can either hide the remarks of a specific person or hide or unable some words that are inappropriate.

For this, you have to:

  1. Memorize the person ID account.
  2. Touch the horizontal lines at the top of your page.
  3. Find the “Settings,” and then “Privacy,” then go to “Comments.”
  4. In the “block comment from” section, add whoever is offensive.

For filtering comments, you have to follow the same path, but after choosing the privacy part:

Select the “Hidden Words.”

You can see many options that help you hide or filter the comments you want in this part. Also, you can hide message requests there.

You can even make a list of offensive words and mute them as long as you wish.

These are the best options so far.

how can you manage comment section on Instagram

  • Turn of comments

Also, in your posts, you can turn off the comment section so nobody can comment on you.

Just choose a post, tap on three dots and then select “Turn off Commenting.”

When you turn off comments on your post, comments that have been left will be hidden. If you turn it back on again, the previous comments will be restored.

  • Pinning comments

If you find a comment interesting, funny, or informative that someone made under your posts, just tap on that comment and select the “Pin” icon.

So it will always place above other comments.

  • Restricting comments

If you restrict a person’s comment, just you, and they can see them commenting under your posts. Their comment will be hidden for every other one.

For this one:

Tap on that person’s comment and choose “restrict.” If you want everything to go back to normal, follow the same steps and tap on “Un-restrict.”

  • Reporting comments

Whenever you find a comment offensive, tap on the comment under your posts or somebody else’s, select the exclamation mark, and then report them. Thankfully Instagram always pays attention to reports and, as soon as possible, will decide between them.

how can you manage comment section on Instagram

Can we make a private comment that no one can see except the person that we want?

No, we can’t. But you can send the post of that specific person to themselves in the “Direct” section and make your comment as a message for them.

Well, the other question is that can we edit our comments after posting them?

Again the answer is NO. unfortunately, we cannot edit our comment, so if you accidentally made a mistake, you should delete the comment and rewrite and resent it.

I’m personally waiting for this editing comment option, so I hope Instagram makes a decision for this one too.

But as you know, you can just edit the caption under your posts.

To make a long story short.

After the dissatisfaction and unhappiness of making comments from some people and “haters,” Instagram added lots of options on this part.

As you know, celebrities and famous people, or even influencers, received hate comments, and they couldn’t tolerate it. If you want the truth, no one can handle these bullying or harassing comments.

For solving this problem, these were the options that Instagram has given us to prevent and make a safe place for ourselves on this platform.

Because we use this platform so much and for long hours, peace of mind during this exploration is essential.

If you think Instagram can add more options to this section, comment on us and write your ideas. Be safe and sound with using these tricks.

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