How to Create “Add Yours” on Instagram? +Useful Ideas


Since it was released, Instagram’s “Add Yours” feature has been one of the most useful and popular options. This fantastic ability allows creators to introduce their content together and start a campaign-like thread on stories. It is a sticker that you can create a trend or challenge with your followers on Instagram.

After you have shared your story, your followers and audiences can tap on the sticker to continue the challenge and add any photo or video from their gallery or on their story.

Instagram always surprises its users with its impressive and attractive updates. Whenever you wanted to think: Ok, now I know everything on Instagram, this platform introduces something new in their updates.

You definitely have seen the “Add yours” sticker on the story section. It might seem a bit tricky at first, but after using it for the first time, you will understand the importance of this feature for your professional account.

How to Create "Add Yours" on Instagram?: An Amazing Feature

This feature is fun to play with so let’s know more about this fantastic option on Instagram. Here, we will show you some tips and ideas to use the best of this amazing feature.

How to create “Add Yours” on Instagram?

First, let’s see how you can create and use add yours feature on Instagram. As I said before, it might seem a bit tricky, but after the first try, you will understand the whole concept, and you want to make it over and over again, start a new trend, then invite your friends and followers.

To create “add yours” on the Instagram story, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Instagram app.
  2. Find the “Your Story” option in the upper left-hand corner in your feed.
  3. Take a photo instantly or choose an image from your camera roll.
  4. In the upper right corner, you have to select the “square smiley face” sticker icon to access the story options.
  5. Find and Select “Add Yours”
  6. Write your prompt for the “Add Yours.”
  7. After you are “done,” just tap on it.

Now, what is its use for you and your business? Would it be helpful? How can the other users participate and enjoy this awesome feature? Well, let’s see in the following section.

How to Create "Add Yours" on Instagram?: An Amazing Feature

How can you see other users added their photos to your “Add Yours” Sticker?

If you want to find out how to see others’ Story responses, all you have to do is:

  1. Head to your shared story.
  2. Tap on the sticker in your story.
  3. You will see some users’ profile pictures.
  4. You can select one to see their Stories.

Using this structure, you can see all the people participating in your trend.

How can others see “Add Yours” Instagram Stories?

After seeing the content you have shared, other users can click on your sticker and see all the people who have participated in your story. They can add their own content and share it on their stories too. Now, what is its help for your and others’ account?

This will make more engagement. People that follow a rule and share the same story on their Instagram can find the same target audience and share their followers with each other.

All the users that have participated in this trend can follow each other and create a great community.

How to Create "Add Yours" on Instagram?: An Amazing Feature

Now how can you use these stories? Do you have some ideas to use the most of this remarkable feature? We have some cool and trendy ideas that you can look up and get inspired if you don’t.

If you want to know these ideas, you can check them in the following section.

What are the best ideas to create the best “add yours?”

You might have seen some of these stories in other users’ story sections. Some of them use great ideas to promote their account and gain more followers and be seen on this forum, and some just use it to create a new trend with their friends and families and have fun.

In the following part, we have some ideas for a personal and professional account. To use the most of it, just read it the whole.

  1. Share your last selfie.

You can ask your friends and followers to share one of their last selfies and share them in the story section.

  1. Share your new product.

If you are a brand owner, use this trend to introduce your latest product to a bigger society. This is an incredible way to promote your brand and show it to the users.

How to Create "Add Yours" on Instagram?: An Amazing Feature

  1. Share a picture that shows your profession.

This is also one of the ways you can show your profession on Instagram and attract more customers. If you are a writer, freelancer, or web designer, all you have to do is take a picture and share it with your “Add Yours.” Instagram has this outlandish ability, and you can use it for your business and expand it online.

  1. Share the last picture of your travel.

With the corona pandemic, some people might not have been on travel for a long time, so this is a great way to remember the days you were overseas and having fun!

  1. Share one of the pictures of your best day.

This is also one of the topics for personal accounts, but there is no limitation. Professional accounts can use this to improve their impression and have more interaction with others.

There is no limitation in using the Instagram features; this popular platform has fabulous options for all the users, whether personal or professional.

How to Create "Add Yours" on Instagram?

Private accounts can use this feature to have fun with their followers, and professional accounts can boost their engagement and gain more followers.

To briefly paraphrase

The “Add yours” feature is one of the most outstanding features to make a great community for your page. If you have a professional account and you haven’t used it, you need to listen to me and create one right away!

After posting a story with an “add yours” sticker, you have to head to your insight section and see the significant improvement in the views of your story.

And if you are a personal user, you can have the most fun using this attractive visual-sharing feature.


If you have any questions, please share them with us in the mentions below. Have you ever used the “add yours” sticker? How was the experience?

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