How to download Instagram Stories on your phone or PC? (Android & iPhone)


The Instagram story section is one of this platform’s most popular options. So many accounts upload content on their stories, and they enjoy getting views and feedback constantly.

Many accounts share their best photos and videos in the story section because they know it will catch other users’ attention.

Some shared photos and videos are so funny or attractive that you want to download them and keep them on your phone! But as you know, there is no ‘Download” option for stories on Instagram.

The good news is if you want to save or download an Instagram story, there are so many easy and free ways you can take and make that happen. Here we have gathered some of the best ways to do so. Let’s start.

How to download Instagram Stories on your phone or PC

How to download Instagram stories on your phone or PC?

If you want to have a story in your gallery, you have 3 ways to do that. In this part, we’re going to mention all of them and explain them in detail. So let’s dive in.

  1. Screenshot and screen record

This is for the Instagram private accounts! You can’t download and save Stories from private accounts using thirds party apps or online tools, so the only choice is screenshotting or video recording them.

Although there are apps or web-based tools that offer you this option, they require your Instagram username AND password. Because of this reason, I brought this solution to you. It might not have that much quality, but it will work just well.

How to download Instagram Stories on your phone or PC

  1. Using web-based tools

If you search the words “Instagram Story downloader” or “Instagram Story Saver” on google, you will face plenty of sites that offer you online tools for downloading Instagram stories.

But be careful about the sites that require your Instagram password and avoid them. These sites can’t be reliable.

To make things clear, we mention one of the trusted sites here and tell you the steps to get the Instagram story you wish for.

  • Head to the storysaver online tool.
  • Enter the Instagram username of the users you want to download their IG stories or even Highlights.
  • on the page, Scroll down to see the Stories that the account has already shared
  • You can download them one by one or all of them at once.
  • Finally, click on the “Save as Video” button, choose “Save link as,” and save it on your PC or laptop.

How to download Instagram Stories on your phone or PC

Most of the online tools work this way. But again, stay away from websites that ask for your password or other personal data. It is notable that this method can only be used for public accounts on Instagram.

  1. Using third-party apps

The last step is downloading a third-party app to assist you in downloading Instagram stories and highlights. Here we have gathered some of these apps you can choose and download.

  • Fast Save (Android and iPhone)
  • Inst Download (for Android users)
  • Story Saver for Instagram (for Android users)

How to use a third-party app for downloading Instagram stories:

  • Just head to the Instagram app and open it.
  • Then log into your Instagram account, if you haven’t yet, and then open any image or video on the story section and choose the “Copy Share URL” option.
  • Then go to the app you have downloaded to assist you in saving Instagram stories, paste the link in the special box, and now you can see the list of images and videos.
  • Just a click is enough to download any images or video.

How to download Instagram Stories on your phone or PC

These are the methods you can use to download any content from the Instagram story section and save it on your phone or PC, or laptop.

To wind things up

Stories are one of the most viewed parts of Instagram applications. About 500 million Instagrammers use stories to share photos and videos and engage with their followers. This is one of the best options for sharing any content.

If you want to download any photo or video from the story section, here we have mentioned three easy ways you can use to save any content you like on your PC or phone device.

Some of the Instagram stories are so innovative and funny that you cannot resist downloading them on your phone.


You can share your problem with us if you have trouble downloading stories. We will respond to you as soon as possible. Please make a conversation down here.

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