Facebook Page Cover Photo Size in 2022


Finding a good Facebook cover photo or cropping a picture in a suitable size is one of the issues that every Facebook user has to deal with.

As you know, your profile picture and cover photo are the essential elements in the account that you have created, and keeping them attractive and consistent is a critical issue.

In this article, we want to go through the best size for the cover and find or crop it suitably based on your interest.

Here, we add some recommendations that you can use and make your cover more attractive. Let’s see, what is a cover page photo and why is that so important?

Facebook Page Cover Photo Size in 2022

What is a Facebook cover?

Facebook’s covers are images users set on top of their profile page. It takes up more than a quarter of the desktop screen browsers. It can be addressed as a banner, and it is the most visible and critical part of each account.

If you choose a suitable cover based on your profile picture and the concept of your page, you’ll make it to the next level.

Why is Facebook covers important for your account?

If you think and look at the cover more than just an ordinary and random photo, it will be a great opening and introduction for your page.

Cover images are the BEST ways to introduce your products if you own a brand, represent your company, and intrude yourself to other people and companies.

It is like a first impression, and if you take it seriously and select it wisely, you will make a great first impression.

So now you know that this cover has a variety of meanings; your aim and goals identify these meanings.

These covers represent the tune of the accounts for their audiences. It will attract audiences or make them close your account immediately!

Facebook Page Cover Photo Size in 2022

What is the finest Facebook Cover Photo Size in 2022?

According to Facebook, these are the standard sizes that you can choose for your Facebook cover on the desktop and the phones.

  1. Cover images on desktop computers are 820 pixels wide by 312 pixels in size.
  2. Cover images on smartphones are 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels in size.

So, based on this information, we recommend you select a 820px wide by 360px photo for your cover to look beautiful on your desktop and phone.

Facebook automatically resizes the photo to fit the cover section. If the picture size you have picked is incorrect, It may appear pixelated and unsuitable.

On the other hand, if the cover photo is larger than the standard mode, Facebook will crop it.

These all might lead to having a blurry cover page photo and make your account looks like a disaster!

Facebook Page Cover Photo Size in 2022


The differences between Mobile & Desktop Facebook Covers

If you select an incorrect photo size for your desktop device, Facebook will crop just the top and bottom, but it will shorten your chosen photo’s left and right sides on the phone.

So if you are using a textual cover photo, or your image includes some vital information, ensure that you have kept them in the standard boundary so if Facebook cuts your photo, the important things will remain on the cover.

Stay away from Being Pixelated

Facebook might lower the size of your chosen photo, resulting in decreasing quality. This platform recommends you export your image as a PNG file to solve this issue.

Addition information

We have added the other sizes of the shared content on Facebook to look and ensure they are in a standard measurement.

Facebook desktop Ads 1200 x 628
Facebook Ad Carousel 1080 x 1080
Facebook Event Cover1200 x 628
Facebook Group Cover1640 x 856
Facebook Page Cover820 x 360
Facebook Post 1200 x 1200
Facebook Profile photo360 x 360
Facebook Shop1600 x 1200
Facebook Story1080 x 1920

How can you design your cover photo?

Now that you know the size of the cover photo, how can you design it and make it more beautiful? You should consider these tips and use them to make a great cover to attract others.

  • Don’t overcrowd and put too much information in your designed photo.
  • Try to make a unique image and avoid using ready Facebook covers.
  • Optimize your cover photo in a standard size.

Using these simple tips will help you to make your account more attractive. You can use apps like Canva to make an excellent cover for your account.

Long story short

Paying attention to the details of your social media accounts makes you grow and develop faster—especially apps like Facebook or Instagram, which are more critical in your business and marketing.

You cannot make a consistent and eye-catching account unless you pay attention to the cover and profile photo because they are the first information that your audiences will see when entering your account.


If you have any inquiries about the mentioned information, please ask us in the comment section.

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