How to Fix Blocked Videos on Instagram?


Instagram is an excellent content sharing platform, and it focuses on video content more than any other time. You can guess it from the process of developing videos.

For instance, you could share photos and then 1-minute limited videos in the very beginning.

After some time, Instagram released the IGTV where you could share longer videos, and in this recent update, this platform replaced the IGTV with Instagram videos. Using Instagram videos let you post your videos in the feed.

The access is more straightforward, and it is better than the IGTV version because first, it is in the feed, and second it displays automatically.

But like every other platform, Instagram also has its limits for sharing content, especially videos.

If you share more video base content, Instagram might sometimes block them for some reason. You have to pay attention to Instagram policies to prevent this type of blocking.

How to fix Blocked videos on Instagram

First, let’s see why Instagram blocks your video?

These are the reasons that Instagram might block your video.

We mentioned 4 of them here in the following part:

  1. Violating policies:

Before signing up for any application, you must read and agree with the policies. If the content you share violates users’ terms, the apps will block your content.

So it isn’t just Instagram that blocks this type of content. You have to pay attention to the concepts of your posts.

  1. Inappropriate content:

Instagram tries to make a safe and public platform for its users. Although this platform’s age limitation is 13, it is still sensitive to inappropriate content like violence or sexual content.

The number of teens is significant on this visual sharing platform, so Instagram tries to make sure they are safe and won’t see this type of content since it is an app accessible for everyone.

  1. Copyright:

If you make your content on Instagram, it would be unpleasant to see them on other pages without mentioning your page.

So based on this fact and respecting the producers, Instagram is taking copyright seriously. If your video is not following the copyrights, it might be blocked.

So you have to pay attention to the copy content and give credit to the account that has made the original content.

Also, be careful about your background music in your video; search for the music allowed to use, so it won’t cause blocking your content.

How to fix Blocked videos on Instagram

  1. Reported issues:

There are cases that Instagram didn’t block you. It was the users!

If your video contains hate speeches, fake news, or violence, Instagram users might have reported the content, and Instagram blocked your video.

After that, you will receive a warning that your video has been blocked.

So pay attention to mentioned points and don’t let Instagram block them.

But what happens if Instagram blocks your video? What can you do to make things right?

How to fix blocked videos on Instagram?

If, for any reason, Instagram blocked your video, you have solutions to fix this problem.

With these simple solutions, you can unblock your video, so let’s know what they are?

  1. You can report the block directly to Instagram:
    Assume that you are 100% sure that your video was blocked by mistake and followed all the rules and policies. You can report this problem to Instagram.
    This process might take time, but your video will be unblocked after Instagram takes back its decision.
  2. Give credit to the video you copy:
    If you liked a video so much that you couldn’t resist posting it, make sure you have given credit to its owner. When your video was blocked for copyright, provide credit to the owner in the caption and post it again.
  3. Download or post videos or music that are free:
    Luckily, there are so many free music and videos that you can share without getting blocked by the platform. So use them, and don’t be worried about your content.
    You can find them on websites, and also Instagram has music you can share.

If you share the copyright music and your video gets blocked, just change the music and post it again.

How to fix Blocked videos on Instagram

Using these structures can prevent you from blocking, and if you think you were blocked unfair, just report the problem to Instagram.

Long story short

These were the reasons that if you don’t pay attention, Instagram will block your video. All you have to do is pay attention to user terms, don’t share inappropriate content, and pay attention to copyrights.

If your video got blocked under any conditions, fix the flaws and then repost your video again.

When facing a block, report the issue to Instagram and wait to fix the mistake.

Have you ever got blocked by Instagram?

Do you know the reason and how you fix this problem?

We are waiting to hear from you in the comment section.

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