How to Fix Instagram not Sending Security Code?


Instagram is a popular platform, and people all around the world are using this fantastic app daily. Despite all the good features and great experience using Instagram, there might be some issues.

Since this is a viral app with more than 1 billion users, problems like server error will sometimes happen.

Some users sometimes have difficulties with the security code of Instagram. They say they can’t receive it and can’t log in to their accounts occasionally.

Well, problems might happen sometimes. This concern has different reasons. For example, you want to log from various places or devices.

Of course, there are so many ways to solve this problem, in this article we want to cover all the things you can do when you face this common issue.

Let’s know what we can do if Instagram doesn’t send the code.

How to Fix Instagram not Sending Security Code?

The ways to fix Instagram not sending security code

Generally, you can do the tricks below to get the code:

  • If you don’t get the code, use the following tips.
  • Check your phone number in the Instagram setting.
  • Set your phone on the airplane mood and then return it to normal.
  • Postpone the action for a couple of hours and try again.
  • Try activating VPN.
  • Try another verification code as your email.
  • Change your phone number on the setting section.

If you used all the hacks but still didn’t work, we have some detailed structures:

  1. Check your email and make sure you have entered it correctly. There might be some type of issue in writing your email, and it slips your eyes. So always check these minor issues.
  2. If you didn’t get any emails, you could check your spam list. It happens, the emails that you thought you didn’t receive are in that folder.
  3. Use other verification modes like your phone number, your Facebook account, or getting help from the “forgot your password” part. They are all helpful, and lots of people have used them successfully.
  4. Besides all of the mentioned tips, the server and too many requests might be the reason. You be patient and wait to receive your verification code.
  5. If you are using the app, try your browser on your phone or desktop, it doesn’t matter. Try it, and it will be helpful for you.
  6. If you are using proxy or VPN, Instagram might detect you as a bot, so make sure they are inactive, and you can receive the code.
  7. If all these ways didn’t work for you, you can contact the Instagram help center and navigate to “I can’t log on Instagram.”

Or, if you didn’t use them, try to activate them and change your IP address. In that case, you might get the code.

How to Fix Instagram not Sending Security Code?

Instagram wants to make sure that all the data are safe, so it has provided lots of security features and verification modes.

These modes are designed to give us a good and secure experience while using Instagram.

Suppose Instagram detects suspicious activity in your account, like changing the password or trying to enter your account by some other device.

In that case, it will block the entering and wants you to identify your main device and number or email.


Keep your accounts data and information updated, so you won’t face this kind of problem. If you are the type of person that keeps forgetting passwords, write them in your note on the phone or on your diary notebook, a place where you can find it again.

But in most cases of the security code, waiting for the server solves the problem because of the various requests from the users.

Would you please inform us whether you have ever faced this problem? What did you do to solve it?


We are waiting to hear about your experiences. Please share any other tips with us in the comment section if you know any other recommendations.

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