How to Get Instagram Dark Mode on iPad [Is it Better for Your Eyes?]


Instagram, this popular platform, has been involved in our lives, and it is an inseparable part of our lives. All the users use this app day and night and on each device. They want to have their IG account on all devices to access better.

Especially business accounts that want to take care of their business accounts anytime and anywhere. One of the most used devices that users tend to use is the iPad. But there might be some limitations.

For instance, dark mode is one of the most wanted features that users wish to have. Here we want to know how to get Instagram dark mode on our iPad.

Dark mode changes Instagram’s background to a darker color. Usually black or graphite gray instead of a white background. It will reduce the amount of bright white light on your screen to decrease its effect on the eyes.

How to get Instagram dark mode on iPad [Is it better for your eyes?]

While, to be honest, dark mode isn’t actually better for your eyes, it just will help your device save battery, and it makes you feel gentler to look at, especially before bed while lights are off.

How can you get Instagram dark mode on iPhone or iPad?

Instagram has the dark mode feature for iPhones or iPads running iOS 13 or higher versions. As you can see, it changes the app’s background (behind the photos) to graphite gray or primarily black, and all the texts to white. If you want to activate this feature, follow the process below.

To get Instagram dark mode on the iPad, do the steps:

  1. Open your app’s Settings on your iPhone (iOS 13 or higher) or iPad (iPadOS 13 or higher).
  2. Scroll down to find Display and Brightness.
  3. In the Appearance section, at the top of your screen, there are 2 options: Light and Dark.
  4. You have to select Dark.
  5. Then, open your Instagram app, and now it should appear in dark mode.

This is how you can activate the dark mode on your iPad device and enjoy exploring your Instagram feed at night or when light is not enough.

In the other post, we have entirely discussed the dark mode and how you can turn on Instagram’s Dark Mode on Android and IOS.

How to get Instagram dark mode on iPad

To get the most information in a complete version, you can check it out. Here we want to ask an important question! Is dark mode better for your eyes? Do you know the answer? Here we have gathered some answers to this question.

Is dark mode better for your eyes?

Dark mode has many benefits, but it might not be better for your eyes. The dark mode feature is helpful because it’s easier on the eyes than a bright white screen with blue light.

However, using a dark screen can make it harder to focus on the screen since it requires dilating your pupils.

When your pupils widen, your vision becomes less precise. When your pupils tighten under bright light, your vision sharpens. For this reason, it is more difficult for some users to see screen details in dark mode clearly.

How to get Instagram dark mode on iPad

What are the advantages of Instagram dark mode for you?

These are some of the advantages of the “Dark Mode” option that we added here. It is better to take a look at them.

Using less battery: dimming the brightness on regular mode along with the dark mode will save your battery up to 30%, which means you can charge your phone less than average.

Reduce the blue light exposure on your phone: phones mostly have a blue light filter. Switching the Instagram app to dark mode can help reduce that blue light exposure. This is an excellent choice for those who want protection from blue light.

Avoid screen glare: viewing the phone screen in a dark room, and exploring Instagram, can cause an irritating glare due to the bright light from the display. Using dark mode will significantly reduce your screen’s glare for comfortable viewing.

Instagram dark mode on your iPad device.

To wrap it up

The way of living and our lifestyle makes us stare at our phone’s screen for hours, so it is vital to have some information about how to protect our sight and what is better to do.

Here we talk about the dark mode and how you can get Instagram dark mode on your iPad device. Instagram users mostly like the dark mode feature and want to have it activated.


If you have any questions about how to get Instagram dark mode, please feel comfortable to ask us in the comments below.

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