How to Get Instagram on The Apple Watch? [2 Easy Methods]


Using Instagram on iPhone is a great experience. Now consider using it on this handy gadget of apple! It is nice to have your Instagram account around your wrist and check it whenever you want. But is it possible?

Of course, it is possible to use Instagram on your Apple Watch. Instagram and iOS are 2 inseparable old friends. As you know, Instagram, in the beginning, only was announced for iPhone devices, and after two months, it rolled out the android version.

So with this information, let’s start to learn how you can get Instagram on your Apple Watch.

How to Get Instagram on The Apple Watch

How can you get Instagram on your Apple Watch using the Lens app?

You can use and access your Instagram account through apple as below:

  1. Head to “App Store” and download the Instagram application.
  2. Open Instagram and tap on “Login to Instagram.”
  3. You will get a notification that says, “Lens is not installed on the watch.” select OK and go to Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
  4. On your iPhone, open the Watch App. Then tap on Lens under the “My Watch” section.
  5. Turn on the switch next to Show App on your Apple Watch.
  6. Go back to Lens app on your phone and log in to your Instagram account.
  7. On your watch, open the Lens app. You will get Instagram navigation options, such as Home, Activity, Stories, Explore, Direct Message, and Profile.
  8. You can use the crown and scroll up or down the feed. Use a speech bubble to add comments.

After this, you will see all the Instagram parts on your watch, and you absolutely know each one. The explore section, the feed and others.

How to Get Instagram on The Apple Watch

But please remember that the Lens for the Watch is premium. To explore features that we mentioned above like stories, messages, explore, comment, profile, and others.

How can you get Instagram on your Apple Watch in 2022?

Now, can’t use Instagram directly from your Apple Watch. For no specific reason, Instagram has limited this access to your watch. If you want to use this fantastic app on your wrist, we have other solutions for you.

But this just work for the 1 to 4 Apple Watch Series. This is a great little trick, so stay tuned:

  1. First, pick up your phone and go to the messages. You need to send a message to yourself.
  2. Type and send it.
  3. Now, back to your watch. You will be able to see the link in your messages.
  4. Tap on the link and open Instagram web version on your browser.
  5. Scroll down to log in to your account on an Instagram website.
  6. It might be challenging to use the Instagram webpage on your watch, but it is a handy trick for those who miss using Instagram on their Apple Watch.

How to Get Instagram on The Apple Watch

There you go! Now you have a full version of Instagram on your wrist anytime you want.

You can comment and like other users’ posts just as you are using Instagram through your phone. Besides, you can see the “Story” section.

You can also use Facebook in the same way that you log into your Instagram account and enjoy your free time with your Apple Watch.Apple-Watch

What can you do with the Instagram Apple Watch in 2022?

On your watch, you can see all the Instagram notifications. If you turn on notifications on Instagram, you will get them on your Apple Watch too.

Notifications like: receiving likes, new followers, new stories, and others from all your accounts on Instagram. Same as your phone, you can distinguish the notifications from the beginning of each one you get.

How to Get Instagram on The Apple Watch

Taking everything into account

All the iPhone users enjoy the experience of having Instagram on their Apple Watch. It is fast, easy, and handy, and you can take a quick scan of your notification whenever you want.

In this part, we have mentioned 2 ways that you can use to get Instagram on your Apple Watch. The first one uses the Lens app, and the second is a great trick to use Instagram through the browser.


If these tricks were helpful, and you enjoyed them, please inform us in the comments below. How do you use Instagram on your Apple Watch?

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