How to Hide Instagram Likes from others? [on Your posts & Others]


Instagram lets you choose whether you want other people to see the number of your likes or not. But do they (the number of likes) matter or not? You can hide or unhide the number of likes on this platform, and if you hide them, instead of numerical information under your posts, a phrase will appear: “and others!”

This visual-based platform always thinks about its users. Instagram has added this feature to clear one point: the number of likes doesn’t matter!

Some users would do ANY thing to higher the number of their likes. But since the ability to hide likes was added, things have changed a little. You can also make the number of other users’ posts hidden! Isn’t it cool?

How to Hide Instagram Likes from others

If you want to have more information about this topic and learn how to hide the number of likes and their consciences, let’s read this article together.

How can you hide the number of Instagram likes on other users’ posts?

With this option, if you scroll down through your feed, you won’t see the number of likes they receive on each post. You can hide the number of likes with just a few easy steps. Let’s find out how?

  1. On Instagram, Go to your profile and hit the 3 lines on the left side.
  2. From there, find “Setting” and then go to the “Privacy” section.
  3. In the menu, find “Posts.”
  4. At the top, you’ll see the “Hide Like and View Counts” option. Switch to the “on” mode. (it should turn blue)

Now you’re set. The like number from all of your posts will now be hidden on Instagram. Ok, it is time for our posts to see how you can hide the like count on your posts; read the next paragraph.

How to Hide Instagram Likes from others

How can you hide the number of Your Instagram likes from other users?

If you want nobody to see the count likes of your posts or even a single post, all you have to do is follow these simple steps. There are 2 ways to hide the number of your likes on your posts.

For your new posts:

If you’re posting new content, no matter a photo or a video, and don’t want to show the number of your likes, you can hide the like count before you share your post. How? As follows:

  1. Navigate to Instagram, and tap on the + mark.
  2. Create your post as usual.
  3. When you arrive at where you can add your caption, find the “Advanced Settings” option at the bottom.
  4. From there, turn on the “Hide like and view counts” on this post you are sharing.

For your old posts:

  1. Find your post that you want to hide the number of likes on it.
  2. Tap on the three dots at the top of your post.
  3. From there, you can see the “Hide like count” option. Voilà!

How to Hide Instagram Likes from others

Will hiding the like counts on your Instagram posts affect your performance on this platform?

If you are worried about if it really makes a difference or not? Not really. If you hide the like number from yourself and also other users, the app will still track likes, in other words, your engagement, and use these data as a ranking signal for its algorithm.

Instagram added this option to prevent some users from being too obsessed with the number of their

Some users would think if their like counts are low, they are not “good enough” or “pretty enough” or “handsome” enough, and this is why they can’t get more likes as others! As you know, it is NOT true, but unfortunately, some people think this way.

The number of the like and your engagement rate depends on many reasons. For instance, the quality of your content, whether you are on explore or not, which time you shared your post, and so on.

How to Hide Instagram Likes from others

So Instagram added this feature for its users’ good. The internet might be unfriendly and might affect your mental health. This is more about influencers and celebrities. So using this option can help reduce the pressure that can be on the users.

As a final note

This paper went through how you can hide the number of likes on Instagram, both for your posts and others’. And also talked about the consequences and their effects on your activity.


We are curious about your opinion about this topic. Please share your ideas. Do you think it is adequate to hide our like count on Instagram or not? Write for us in the captions below.

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