How to Stalk on Instagram In 2022? [Useful Guidance]


Stalking on Instagram sometimes can be our concern at some points. If you have been an Instagram user for so many years, you might have thought about stalking some people on Instagram. It can be your ex or one of your friends. So some users want to be anonymous and see what others are doing.

You can check the public accounts on Instagram, but you can’t check the content, whether the story or the posts and reels, if they have switched their accounts.

On social media, it is hard to keep your privacy; when you are active on these platforms, all the things you share are there, and you are in that society.

That can be said; there are some differences between being actively engaged and being curious on Instagram and checking other accounts out and stalking.


If you have someone to check on or you want to know who is stalking you on this platform, you can check this.

How to stalk on Instagram in 2022?

In this tutorial, we will guide you on how to guess if someone is watching or stalking but not engaging on your Instagram account.

You can try the story section; in this part, you can guess which account is stalking you and not commenting or liking your account. How? We will tell you how to use the Instagram story section to guess who is stalking you in the following detail.

Instagram Stories: use them to Know Who’s Watching/Stalking your account.

As you know, Instagram stories are photos or videos that are available only for 24 hours, and after that, they will disappear. You can save them n the highlight section and keep them as long as you like.

Swipe up within one of your Stories on Instagram to see who has viewed it. On the screen, you will see each person’s username who saw your shared story.

An interesting theory says the order in which the accounts appear indicates how often they have viewed them. But is not clearly correct. Instagram has never confirmed this theory.


The actual order is, who has more interaction with your page, and who do you interact with the most on Instagram. This is bilateral.

So why are we telling you this can help you recognize your stalkers?

First, if someone doesn’t like your posts or reels and doesn’t interact with you at all but views all your stories, you can guess that he or she might be stalking you.

It can be strange that someone doesn’t interact with your posts and doesn’t make any comments. On the other hand, he/she won’t miss a single story you share.

How to catch your Instagram stalker?

When you share a story on your account, you have an option to hide it from the user you think is stalking you. This is a great one; whenever you feel someone is stalking you or it is bothering you, checking all your stories and reporting to others, you can use this option.

This is different from the “Close Friend” option. So how can you hide someone on Instagram? Here we have complete instructions for it.

How to Stalk on Instagram In 2022

To find out that a user stalks you on Instagram, follow the guidance below:

  1. Before sharing your story, head to your Instagram Story Settings.
  2. Then tap on the “Hide Story From” option.
  3. Now choose “Everyone” except that suspicious account.
  4. Doing this won’t let them know that they’re the only person who can see the story.
  5. You will know that they viewed your story.
  6. If you’re using Instagram Analytics or Instagram insight, you can also watch the view count increase each time they do.
  7. Use this method, and if they watch your story multiple times, you’ll know it is that specific user (Or users) because they’re the only person who has access to it.

Unfortunately, or luckily, this is the best way we know you can use to see whether or not somebody is actively pursuing your content to watch repeatedly. If you have Instagram’s “Analytics” or “Insights,” this will tell you if they watched it.

How to Stalk on Instagram In 2022

Another method to see if someone is Stalking Your Instagram account?

There are so many third-party applications, websites, and browser extensions, which promise to show you who is viewing your profile. Most of these apps do not work, and others need access to your private information.

Switch your Instagram Privacy Mode

If you suspect, you can change the privacy settings on Instagram to stop the person from following you around on the network.

  1. Head to the Instagram app.
  2. Tap on your profile picture and open your profile.
  3. Touch the Instagram menu in the top-right section.
  4. Find “Settings” from the menu and then choose “Privacy.”
  5. Under “Account Privacy,” toggle on “Private Account.”

This will give you more relief and make you feel safe to have a private account. But having a private account is not enough!

How to Stalk on Instagram In 2022

While you are making your page private, try to detect the anonymous or fake Instagram accounts and remove them to ensure you don’t have any stalkers anymore.

In the end

Some Instagram users want to stalk your account anonymously. Perhaps you have blocked a user or didn’t accept their follow request. So they want to make a fake Instagram account to stalk you. But you can prevent them using the mentioned ways.

Instagram can be an excellent app for sharing business or personal content with your followers and friends, but you can’t ensure you have all the privacy on these platforms. So it would be sufficient if you were more careful on some accounts.


Here we share some tips to see who is stalking you on Instagram and how to prevent them. If you know any other ways, you can mention them in the section below.

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