Instagram Followers & Following Order in 2022 | Personalize the Followings Order


Instagram is one of the most used and favored apps among people nowadays. Many users follow each other’s Instagram accounts daily, and the number of daily active users on Instagram is 500 million globally! As you see, this is a considerable number.

Most Instagram users are likely to organize their accounts and personalize it. The Instagram managers have added features to make this easier for all users based on this fact.

As you know, in the very recent update, Instagram added 3 options so that users can personalize their feed. They can choose Favorites, Following, or Chronological.

Now the good news is that you can personalize the following and followers list order on Instagram. You can sort by default or choose the other 2 options! What are these options? Let’s get to know them in the following part.

Instagram Followers & Following Order in 2022

How the Instagram Followings and Followers List is Ordered in 2022?

Have you ever looked at your followers and the following list on Instagram recently? You probably have seen the “Sort by” option on the screen if you have. We will talk about how your following is listed on Instagram by default, but now let’s make some changes to your list!

To personalize the followings order on your Instagram account:

  1. Open the Instagram app, then tap on your profile picture.
  2. On your main home, tap on the “Following” list on the screen.
  3. In the opened window, you can see “Sort by Default.”
  4. Tap on that option, or you can tap on the flashes.
  5. A pop-up will appear in which there are 3 options: Default, Latest, and Earliest.
  6. Here you can choose each option you want and put your followings list in order and personalize them.

As you see, this option is only for your following list on this platform. But a question will remain: what about the followers’ list? How is it ordered?

Instagram Followers & Following Order in 2022

How does the Followers list Ordering Algorithm work on Instagram?

Instagram does not share information on how its follower list ordering works, but there is some analysis to determine how they are ordered. Here we want to mention some of the effective factors on the followers’ ordering list.

Before we start, you need to know the order of Instagram followers is no longer based on an alphabet or chronological.

These are the factors that might affect how the followers’ lists are ordered:

  • An Instagram user who more often likes or comments on your posts is more likely to emerge at the top of your list of followers.
  • A user who posts content in the same field of interest as you will move up your follower’s list.
  • A follower’s page that you have visited regularly will be at the top of your followers’ list even if you don’t follow that person.
  • The followers you interact with more frequently by liking or commenting are sorted first on the followers’ list.

As you see, it is all about interaction. The Instagram algorithm works based on the interaction in 2022. The more you click, like, comment, or visit other users, the more they will appear on the Instagram application.

Instagram Followers & Following Order in 2022

How does the Followers list Ordering Algorithm work on Instagram? The answer is your activities.

  • What does “Sort by Default” mean on Instagram?

You can view your Instagram following list by default or sort them by followed recently or lately. This is a great option to organize your list and see who you have followed and who is the oldest user you have followed on Instagram! Isn’t it amazing?

How can you organize your followings list on the Instagram desktop version?

If you follow the same steps we have mentioned in the above section, you can’t find the “sort by” option in the following list, so you can’t organize this list on the Instagram official web version.

But if you take a quick look at your following list, you will see they are ranked and listed according to your interaction with them. You will see familiar accounts on top of the list that you have more interaction with and like, comment on, or visit their pages more often.

On the other hand, your followers’ list is based on the latest person you have let follow you on Instagram. If you look at the list, you will see the last person that has followed your Instagram account.

Instagram Followers & Following Order in 2022

Based on these points, we can conclude that 3 critical factors that determine the order of followers listed on Instagram are:

  • Relevance
  • Recency
  • Relationships

To wrap the whole thing up

Every Instagram account is equipped with 2 features that are fundamental for marketing strategies: following and followers. The order of the followers’ list on the Instagram account can be beneficial for marketers to target more individuals and sell more products.

When an Instagram account is at the top of your followers’ list, this means that the person is more likely to be interested in new posts and might be a potential buyer.

So paying attention to these small but essential elements on Instagram makes some brands be more successful and act better and gain more potential and target followers.


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