What Is Instagram Content Calendar? (Important Tips For Instagram Business Account)


As everyone knows, the Instagram content calendar is an actual handy calendar. Indeed, it is a review of your future posts on Instagram.

It includes links and tags of the posts, time and date, posts similar to yours and their other versions (for example, photos, videos, stories on Instagram), and any extra significant posts.

The content calendar is crucial for business accounts on Instagram. This calendar may take one or more than one social network. It can save time, and your post can always catch your audiences’ eyes because you are always on the feed.

Being regularly in your followers’ feed can increase your interactions. An Instagram content calendar can prevent mistakes like posting the same photos or answering twice to a comment when team working.

If you are running a business with five people or even less, this feature can help you a lot. It can ensure that all of your posts are in the feed, so your audiences do not miss the information.

instagram content calendar

What can you put on your Instagram content calendar?

If you are working with a team, it’s necessary to know each of your group members’ responsibilities, so the content calendar can help you identify what kind of posts you will share — even the time and date of your posts or stories.

The hashtags are vital for each of your posts; you can organize them on your content calendar.

You have to share specific posts on particular days, such as Christmas, Easter, and other traditional celebrations or festivals.

How to make a content calendar on Instagram?

It depends upon your daily routine. Suppose you want to organize it daily, weekly, or for a year. But you have to know how to make your plans in advance.

There isn’t any binding or obligatory, but you will get the hang of it quickly when you follow your own rules.

The following tips can be useful for making a content calendar for your Instagram account:

  • The first step, you have to know the purpose of your Instagram account and fix the time you want to dedicate to your business. For example, how often do you want to post?
    Are you going to follow a specific theme? What time is better for you to post something, depending upon your followers’ activities? And if you are working on a team, who is in charge of maintaining posts for your business account?
  • The second step is making an archive—storage your data in Google Drive or other apps for accessing quickly and easily.
    Even if you have to make the posts daily, make sure you have extra seats for other days.
  • The third step is an audit. Having a clear picture of your social media efforts will improve your business and create new opportunities for you.
    Generally, be careful about easy and essential details like theme, date, time, and visuals.
  • Some tools for designing an Instagram content calendar: Microsoft Office Excel, Google sheet, and Google calendar.

instagram content calendar

How to use a content calendar for Instagram?

Your weekly or monthly calendar will help you stock on your plans properly, and it’s a critical overview, so keep them in order.

Make three columns:

  • Day
  • Date
  • Time

You can even use the color-coding key for your content to find a thing so easily. For example,

A red column is the posts already published.

A green column is ready to post.

A purple column is the captions you need for each post.

Now that you have your own and personal content calendar, it’s time to use its benefits. You can schedule your posts to be published automatically.

In that case, you need another tool because you can’t do it directly within Instagram. Tools like Sprout Social, loomly, and planoly.


Making an Instagram content calendar for business accounts is the best to improve your page and interact effectively with real followers.

It gives you the main idea of your responsibilities and how to do things according to a detailed plan.

You can have access to your last schedules and find out its strength and weakness, so you’ll be able to fix the flaws and improve gradually.

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