Similar Account Suggestions On Instagram & How to Disable it


Instagram is trying to make an efficient social platform for every user, and it has been almost successful so far.

We have known this by the users’ reactions and the updates that Instagram releases practically every week.

Instagram has lots of features and capabilities, and it has expanded its features according to the users’ needs.

We have talked about lots of them, but we will discuss similar account suggestions on the Instagram application.

Instagram recommends content based on your: activity, interests, and priorities.

But this platform took steps further and now tries to suggest the accounts you might know or like.

Similar accounts suggestions is a feature based on the information of Instagram’s algorithm.

What is a similar account suggestion on Instagram?

This ability is activated on two parts of your Instagram accounts. It suggests the understanding you might like, or the accounts related to the one you have already followed.

It is a good and handy feature for those trying to make a significant community on Instagram related to their field of work and business.

Furthermore, it will help them increase their followers and make a more incredible platform for themselves and develop their businesses.

Different types of account suggestions on Instagram

Instagram has two parts for suggesting similar accounts. One of them is on the explore part, and you can see other suggestions when you follow a new account.

  • Searching part: When trying to find an account on Instagram in the explore section, you might see other recommended accounts high in the number of followers or their engagement rate.
    Only high viewed accounts are shown in this part.

Pay attention that if you are looking for more followers, try to increase your engagement rate, and then you’ll be shown on this part when somebody wants to search accounts like yours.

  • After following an account: it is shown after following an account too. It will show you the accounts related to the following or the ones you might be interested in.

These works based on the data which are gathered from the algorithm. The algorithm plays a crucial role in the recent updates. Be careful about that.

If you are not familiar with the Instagram algorithm, check this link. We have entirely described its uses and features on

How to disable similar account suggestions on Instagram?

If you want to turn off these suggestions, it is easy. But keep in mind that if you have a creator or business account, this ability will help you gain more related followers based on your activity.

By following these three steps, you can disable this feature:

  1. Enter in your profile account. (You can do it both on the website and application.)
  2. Tap on edit profile.
  3. Turn off the suggested accounts and disable this option.

Now, you have removed the recommended accounts on Instagram. But remember, when you disable this feature, Instagram won’t suggest your account to others.

So listen to our advice if you have a professional account, and keep this helpful feature activated.

To conclude

As we repeated, Instagram introduces new options and features, especially for business and creator accounts that one of the most used is similar account suggestion.

If you are up-to-date and get familiar with these abilities and their usage, you will be a professional business owner on this platform.

You have to decide which option is functional and more efficient for your work, and focus on getting better in marketing day after day.


Do you find this suggestion useful? Please share your comments with us.

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