Best Instagram apps for Mac in 2022 [Post Professionally]


We all use Instagram on our phones, desktop, and tablets. This app has become one of the most useful apps for all people around the world, especially teenagers. Some users want to have their account on their Mac and use Instagram through this device.

In this Post, we tried to add some apps that will assist you in working with your Instagram profile more easily.

And the experience of using the Instagram app on your Mac is simplified and significantly enhanced by other apps you can download and install on your apple device. And now, we’re going to look at the best Instagram apps for Mac.

Instagram is designed as an application for phone users. At first, it was made for iOS and then Android OS users to be more accurate.

Instagram’s great popularity worldwide makes us use other applications on computers for more convenient use. Here we have provided a small list of tools that can be convenient for Mac users.

Best Instagram apps for Mac in 2022 [Post Professionally]

What are the Best Instagram apps for Mac in 2022?

Here is the list of the most useful Instagram apps that have been provided for Mac users so they can work with their IG accounts more easily.

  1. Flume

The first app that we’re going to talk about is a top-rated app for Mac users. Flume expands the original app with different features by adding it to the desktop. Your IG feed will look like a vertical flow of IG photos. You can open and see all the pictures in their original size.

Double-tapping content will put a “Like” on it. Flume gives you the opportunity to do the same actions you could do using the original app.

Simply clicking will open a photo in more detailed, showing the text under the image and comments. You are able to like and comment on this platform. It is possible to share photos and create posts on Instagram or edit your Mac’s existing images.

What are the Best Instagram apps for Mac in 2022?

This app is more advanced, and it is available for free. But if you want to have multiple accounts, you need to purchase this option.

  1. PhotoDesk

This app is a comprehensive renowned platform among Instagram users of all types. It is widely used by personal accounts as well as people who are involved in small or even big business.

It is a very good option if you want to boost the readership of your account. PhotoDesk’s options allow you to improve your Mac device’s default Instagram version functions and abilities.

You can use a few accounts and switch between them smoothly. Users can see all the comments and likes of all accounts on one screen, which is sorted by time.

  1. Grids Mac

This third-party Instagram application is a desktop app for Mac. Grids is a “paid” Mac app that’s available in the Mac App Store.

Its first version was released in October 2014. It has only been recently that Instagram users used it more often. Grids are an incredibly excellent way to browse your Instagram feed.

What are the Best Instagram apps for Mac in 2022?

As mentioned before, you can use this app to upload to Instagram from your Mac device. It doesn’t support all the options of the official Instagram mobile app (none of the third-party apps do), but it still is a very convenient way to post directly from your Mac without using your phone.

Unlike the previous apps, this one will cost you $4.99. You cannot see any text information on this map, or you can’t upload anything.

Grids remove likes and comments, leaving you only with images that are enough for pleasant use. You can customize any kind of picture for viewing but not any text.

  1. Instafeed

This is also a paid app, and the same like Grids cost you $4.99. You can get a number of editing tools that are offered only for Mac OSX. It has a very pleasant and convenient interface which leaves a menu on the left of your Mac screen.

What are the Best Instagram apps for Mac in 2022?

Pictures are loading fast on this platform. You can do the same activities on the phone version of an original Instagram or other similar apps. Users can download images, turn on notifications to get news on their desktop, and mark anything they want as a favorite.

In a summary

Whichever platform you choose, make sure your internet connection is protected before downloading any apps. These are the best app that all the users are satisfied with their options and use more often.

You need to have some apps as your assistant on your Mac device to use Instagram better and smoothly. If you are using any other apps, please share them with us.


If you have any questions or problems, you can connect us in the comments below; we will reply as soon as possible.

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