Instagram Live Feature: The Advantages of Instagram Live for Business


Instagram Live broadcast is one of the significant features that this platform has released. We cannot discuss all its features and benefits unless we write and publish a book on it!

All the users, especially the professional accounts, have known Instagram’s live feature since it has released.

And they are entirely familiar with the benefits of Instagram live for gaining more followers and developing their market.

This is a popular feature, and all the users are using this based on their needs. Some of them for education, others for selling products, advertising, even holding courses and online classes.

After the pandemic, Instagram live has become more welcomed because it is an excellent platform with many features. It allows you to interact with your audience more directly and attract new ones.


How to Go live on Instagram?

To go live on Instagram, use these instructions:

  • Go to the story section
  • You see various recording formats on the left side of the camera
  • At the bottom, you see three options: post, story, and live.
  • Choose the live, but before starting your live, check the options on the left. (set a time, add a title, broadcast audience)
  • If it’s the first time you are going live, select the “practice,” and then Instagram will guide you and explain all its features that you can use while going live.
  • Now that you have the complete information, press the button, and Bingo! You are going live.

After that, your followers will receive a notification that says you are on live.

How can you save Instagram live?

After tapping on “End” in the top right corner of the screen, you can select the save option on the top left side. Also, it allows you to share your live story, or share it as a post.

It will be archived on the live archive part too.

Instagram Live Feature: The Advantages of Instagram Live for Business

What are the benefits of going live on Instagram?

As we already mentioned, going live on Instagram has lots of benefits, and it will help you expand your career as an influencer or business owner.

These are three reasons that explain the advantages of this feature that we point below:

  • Engagement

Based on the new algorithm of Instagram, most of the posts are not shown to the inactive or unloyal followers; this will decrease your engagement rate.

By using the live option on Instagram, your live will broadcast to a more considerable amount of users. They even receive an invitation notification, and your account will be shown first before other stories in the feed section with a bit of tag on it(Live). This considerably increases awareness.

  • Visibility

With increasing the engagement rate, the visibility will increase too. They are directly related to each other. Both of them are important for professional accounts. It is like hitting two birds with one stone.

  • Validity

The reason that people love live content on Instagram is that they don’t know what happens next.

Of course, they have a general idea about the subject, but the primarily unexpected event occurs there.

This will reveal the authenticity of the person, the brand, the influencer, and whoever is hostessing. This platform allows you to directly interact with your audiences and increase their trust in your work, brand, or products.


What are the uses of going live on Instagram?

Instagram Live allows users to broadcast live videos to their Instagram Stories audience. It will be ideal for increasing user experience, communicating with them personally, publishing updates, and creating your business.

Now we point to some use of this feature of Instagram:

  • Holding online classes

With the advent of Covid-19, everyone started to find a platform to provide services for other people during the quarantine.

After using the live feature of Instagram, lots of the classes remain online because it is easy to access. People don’t need to drive or walk a long way to the types. They just set up their phones and wait for the holders.

Courses like: online gym, book reviewing, marketing training, and others are held on Instagram live nowadays.

  • Interviewing others

The TV presenters or other people working in the same field have chosen Instagram live to expand their works and have a more extensive community.

Even influencers can interview the owner of their favorite brand and make their visibility even higher. You can invite three other people to your life and have a pleasant conversation.

  • Interacting with your followers

before going live, ask your followers to make a question in your question box, and then you can answer whatever they asked in living.

And you also can invite your followers one by one to have a direct connection with you on the live section. This shows your modesty and humbleness.


At the end

All of these features are for making our lives and works more quickly. If they are used correctly, they will change our business and career in a good way and help us to expand our marketing.

Instagram helps both users and business owners have a fair and multifunctional platform that can be active there and communicate with others.

All of Instagram’s features are helping us to make greater community and engagement, and we can meet new people and make new friends.

Successful business owners know the value of this feature and appreciate it. They try to use all the factors and expand their brands.


If you have any more information about Instagram lives, let us know in the comment and share your opinions with us.

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