Instagram Direct & Facebook Messenger: From A to Z


You are already familiar with Direct on Instagram. Since the release of the “Direct” feature in 2013, you have been using it daily, and it has become an inseparable part of our lives and exploring Instagram.

But here comes a question: How can we make the most use of Instagram directs?

The answer is compounding the new version of Instagram messaging with Facebook Messenger features.

If you didn’t know, yes, it is possible. It will give you lots of options in your direct, so you can use and enjoy your private or business conversation.

After combining these Instagram and messenger, you will have access to various features from Facebook Messenger to Instagram.

A Facebook Messenger icon will replace the same direct message icon on the Gram after Messenger features are merged into Instagram. You will be able to text your Facebook friends on Instagram through DMs.

Let’s take a look at Instagram Direct.

Instagram’s direct message is an easy way to stay in touch with relatives and friends on Instagram, or get in touch with those people who you don’t know and make a great friendship.

Sending a message in the direct form to someone is so easy, but take a look at how can you send pictures or videos?

To take a new picture or video, in direct:

  • First, tap the camera (left side of the chat-box.)
  • Second, take your photo or video as usual, or use some of Instagram’s amazing features like Boomerangs and filters.

After you take your picture, you have 3 options how to send them:

  • You can choose your photo or video show or play once and then vanish.
  • Another option is the video or photo will play once, but your recipient can replay to that.
  • The video or photo will remain in your private chat forever.

You can DM people on the Instagram web version. After the 2021 April update, all users can access direct messages.

All you have to do is:

  • Enter Instagram web.
  • Log in to your account.
  • On the menu, click on the paper plane icon.
  • Now, you can view your DM inbox.

Let’s take a look at Facebook Messenger.

This app can be used separately on your phone if you don’t use the Facebook phone application.

It has many features that provide an accessible platform for communicating and texting with people you love. Like Instagram’s DM, you can send text, photos, and videos, make video or voice calls.

It is a messenger app, and you can find anything that helps you create an easy and fantastic conversation.

How to activate Instagram messaging? Combination of Direct & Messenger

Now look at this perfect combination of DMs and Messenger and combine Instagram and Messenger; you will have more options to use and have a great experience of texting, chatting, video calling, or anything you want.

  • After installing the Messenger, navigate to Instagram and tap on the paper airplane icon. (Direct)
  • A pop-up screen message invites you to upgrade to Messenger.
  • After updating your messages, tap to continue.

If the message doesn’t pop up, all you have to do is:

  • Tap on your profile picture and then.
  • Click on the top right-three horizontal lines.
  • Find “Settings,” and then choose “Update Messaging.”
  • Then “Update.”

After this process, the previous DM icon will be replaced with Messenger.

What will change after this messenger-Instagram direct combination?

After updating and activating this feature, you can access both Instagram DMs and your Facebook Messenger smoothly.

  • Watching content together

While you are video chatting with your friends, you can watch any content together. You have to choose the content and share it from the bottom of the video chat.

  • Replying messages

You can swipe up to the right and reply to the sent messages. The ability that you couldn’t do on old direct mood.

  • Vanish mode

This feature is working just in case that both sides have updated their messengers. Swipe up on the chat page, and then you will enter in incognito mode, which means your chat disappears after it is over.

  • Create Selfie Stickers

You can make a series of stickers with your selfies and use them in your conversation.

  • Chat Background Colors

Change and personalize your chats with different colors.

  • Control your Messages

Control who can message you and who cannot text you at all.

  • Easy reporting and blocking options

You can also report a single text and combine the whole chat, including blocking and reporting options.


Since we use social media daily, and we talk with many people and receive many DMs, we have to know how to communicate with others, and the way we text people is so essential.

While texting, your tone is not completely clear, and it might lead to misunderstanding, so we have to be aware of the words that we are choosing or the messages we want to send. The first impression is so important in everything, especially when you want to text somebody for the first time.

End of the line

With this update and combination, you will have more security and control for managing your chats. If you are eager to have more options in your direct, you can activate this feature and use it daily and enjoy.

But if you are comfortable with the usual “Direct” feature, it is just fine. It also has lots of features for providing the best experience of texting, video calling, sending content, and making rooms and groups.

Now, please tell us your opinion on this combination. Using Instagram Direct and Facebook Messenger together! It would be so fun!

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