Instagram Feed Ideas: Make Your Feed Attractive


Instagram feed is so important for impressing your followers and audience.

If you organize to make it attractive and creative, your engagement rate will be better when you share content, and your followers recognize you at first glance.

Also, your profile feed is essential. Whenever users enter your account, they scroll down your feed, and if you have made it perfectly, they will follow you right away.

Choosing a beautiful theme for your feed is better to make it more impressive. You can pick among them lots of themes based on your brand or business’s voice.

According to the number of accounts on Instagram and the variety of chosen themes, picking a unique one can be challenging.

Here we mention some of these themes you can choose for your feed or get inspired and make your own unique feed.

Go through the article to get help for making an eye-catching feed.

Instagram feed ideas

Brilliant Instagram Feed Ideas to Make Your Profile unique

Starting with a layout and knowing what you will make is extremely serious.

This is why we’ve gathered some ideas to help you get inspiration:

  • Stable theme and filters

If you observe the best and successful Instagram pages, they all have picked a stable and steady theme for their feed.

Even if they didn’t pick a theme, they edit and similarly post their content. They use the same fonts, brightness, and contrast.

Creating a steady theme for your posts in the first place is not that easy, but when you get track of it, you will be more comfortable focusing on your account’s growth and content.

  • Minimal theme

One of the most popular themes that you can pick is minimalism. Although it might not work for some pages, most users seeking a simple and beautiful theme can use it for their feed’s theme.

  • Bold & maximalist

This one is the opposite of a minimal theme. If you aren’t a fan of the minimal theme, you definitely like this one. A bold and maximal feed is one way you can get your visitors’ attention.

Having a colorful feed is excellent if you want to achieve an entertaining, pleasant, and youthful feed.

You can look for these themes in the #maximalist hashtag on Instagram and look them up for inspiration.

Instagram feed ideas

  • Monochrome theme

If you love a specific color and are really a fan of it, you can choose that for your feed’s theme. There are lots of users that have chosen this theme for their pages and feed. For instance, you can check the @Black account that has chosen a black theme for its feed.

You can also choose colors like Orange, Pink, and Green, Yellow, or each color you are interested in. for getting some idea, you can search the relevant hashtags and look at the top page feed.

  • Pastel theme

Pastel colors are a trendy theme, and they are really unique. The theme looks minimalist, but you can add some features to make it different.

If you are in the candy business or own an online candy shop, this theme is just made for you!

  • Your brand’s color

If you have a brand, it definitely has a logo. You can pick the predominant color and make a theme with it.

All the brands have 1 or 2 core color that they can use for their theme. Choose your brand’s package, style, and colors, same as your page. This harmony will be more effective in your business and branding.

  • Puzzle Layout

As you know, it breaks a single image into multiple ones. After that, each illustration is shared to recreate its larger version.

You can create a feed on how each photo is connected to other images. It would be interesting to scroll down to see how these photos match together.

  • Multicolor

If you don’t want to select one color, you can design your feed with all colors like a rainbow.

You can change the colors after 3 posts so that each feed row will be different. But you have to be careful to design it perfectly.

Instagram feed ideas

  • Vintage Theme

You can apply a vintage theme that is available on Instagram right now to all the posts you want to share and give them a unique theme. And if you have a personal vintage style, it would be much better.

  • Borders theme

You can add black or white borders to your pictures before sharing and give them a special look. It will provide an organized look to your posts, and also it is a great theme for your feed.

  • Flat lay themes

This is the best choice for those who want to make showcase posts—for example, outfit or food or cakes and cookies.

  • Quotation Theme

This is another popular theme and has lots of fans. If you are a writer, poet, entrepreneur, business manager, that wants to share your quotes or inspire your followers with inspirational texts, this is best for you.

But 2 things are that you have to pay attention to:

  • First: don’t put too many sentences in one picture. Manage it the way the reader can read it easily.
  • Second: you can post a photo or video between your texts and give a more beautiful look to your feed.

Choose a beautiful background for your posts, and make them more attractive. A contextual theme should have a beautiful background to be seen better and make the audience stay longer and read.

Instagram feed ideas

Long story short

Having an Instagram account for business requires time, patience, creativity, and authenticity.

If you spend adequate time and focus on what you are going to do and choose the suitable theme based on your activity, you won’t be confused during the growth of your account.

Picking a theme according to your page’s concept and your business’s personality will help you do better on this platform, attract more followers, and achieve the best engagement rate.

Do you have a theme for your professional account? Which one of these is better for you and you like?


If there are other themes we didn’t mention, please share them with us in the comment section.

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