Instagram Follow and Unfollow Limit per Hour & Day in 2022


Instagram has always been the first choice for everyone to share content and communicate with other people. This fantastic app has become a significant part of our lives, and we use it daily to share our moments and see other people.

As you know, Instagram is NOT just for personal users. Indeed, business owners and marketers use most of this app to represent themselves.

But Instagram has some limits to prevent bots and spam users do their activities and detecting them for the app’s safety. These limits are about following and unfollowing other users. You have to know how much you are allowed to follow Instagram users per hour and day.

Instagram Follow and Unfollow Limit per Hour & Day 2022

If you are an Instagram admin and want to expand your page, just continuously following people is not the solution! So what should you do?

This paper will tell you what these limitations are, so you can manage better and act better on Instagram.

If you want your account to be safe and are looking for limitations in this chart, we mention all the limits you have to look after:

Likes: 120 per hour, or 300-500 per. DayDMs: 50-70 per day.
Comments: 200 per day.Story limit: 100 per day.
Post tag limit: 20 people per post.

Carousel post: 35 people per post.

Highlights creating limit: you can make unlimited highlights.
Hashtag limit: 30 hashtags per post.Number of Stories per Highlight: is 100.

Instagram Follow Limit per Hour & Day 2022

In this part, we will know the following limit on Instagram in 2022. All you need to do is pay attention to the limitation. If you don’t, your page will get banned from Instagram, and you can follow any user for at least 72 hours.

And if you again start doing the same act, Instagram might block your account. These are essential points that every Instagrammer has to know.

  • How many accounts can you follow per hour?

You can follow about 10 accounts per hour. This number should not be more than that.

  • Now, How many Instagram accounts can you follow each day?

You can follow 100-150 Instagram accounts each day. But still, have to make sure that you are not following them all at once.

Instagram Follow and Unfollow Limit per Hour & Day 2022

Suppose your strategy on Instagram is following more users to get more followers. In that case, it is better to pay attention to the hour limit on this app. These details can help you increase your engagement rate while not damaging your account unconsciously.

Instagram Unfollow Limit per Hour & Day 2022

Some users follow accounts to make their profile visited, and then after a while, they unfollow all the users they have been followed. This is a kind of strategy that some people are using.

If you are this kind of user, make sure Instagram won’t detect you as a spam account by paying attention to these simple limitations.

You will know the unfollow limit for each day and each hour in this part. These statistics are more accurate if they are based on hours. If you want to unfollow an account, don’t do it at once, for your account’s sake!

  • How many accounts can you unfollow each hour?

The number of accounts you can unfollow is 60 per hour.

  • How many accounts can you unfollow each day?

You can unfollow about 150 accounts per day, but if you unfollow more than this number in a day, Instagram could get your account temporarily banned.

Instagram Follow and Unfollow Limit per Hour & Day 2022

If you are on a personal profile on this app, you might think this is a fair number. You won’t follow and unfollow this number of accounts each day. But professional accounts, especially those who have just begun their activity, will use follow-and-follow strategy to develop faster.

If you own a new account, Instagram has more limits for you:

If you are a new user of Instagram, the situation is slightly different for you. You have to prove to Instagram that you are not a bot or spam.

Follow these rules that Instagram has created for a new one, to be safe:

  • Wait 30-50 seconds between any actions.
  • Don’t post more than 5 times per day. And wait for 10-15 minutes between sharing your posts (or, if you can, a few hours).
  • You can have 500 actions in a day. This number includes your following, likes, and unfollows.
  • Also, make sure you are not sending more than 20-50 DMs per day.

Instagram Follow and Unfollow Limit per Hour & Day in 2022

More info:

  • Although the hashtag limit is 30, we recommend writing 10 hashtags in the caption and the rest in your comment section.
  • There are no limits for sharing and deleting posts for users that have created an Instagram account for more than 1 month.

An overview:

How many accounts can you follow per hour or day?

  • About 10 follows per hour.
  • 100-150 per day.

Maximum following limit:

  • You can follow just a maximum of 7500 IG accounts.

Unfollowing limit:

  • Unfollow 60 per hour.
  • Unfollow 150 per day.

But please don’t do it all at once. If you unfollow more than 150 each day, your account might get temporarily banned.

Taking this into account

This paper, in the main, wants to completely give information about the limitation on Instagram for each activity you make.

To prevent you to see the notifications like Action Block, you need to follow the Instagram limitation rules. And what happens if you don’t follow these rules? Your account could get banned temporarily or indefinitely.

So these are important data you need to know to keep your account safe and at the same time make good progress on this fantastic platform.


If you have any questions on this topic and limitation times, you can ask us in the comment section. We will gladly answer your concerns.

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