What Is Instagram Keyword Search & How Does It Work?


Before giving any information about the Instagram keyword, let’s find out more about the keyword itself.

Keywords are the keys to searching. They guide the search engine to find the most comparable results to our request. They are used on every platform nowadays.

You use them unconsciously every day by searching for something on Google and Yahoo or social media like Instagram.

Yes, everything you are looking for is a keyword, but you have to choose them wisely to find the best result.

Now that you got familiar with keywords, let’s see how do they work on Instagram.


What Is Instagram Keyword Search?

When you want to find posts or videos on Instagram, you’ll search them in the search part, and if you write a clear subject, it will show you all the things related to your searched word.

Back in time, you could search in a hashtag form. For example, if you wanted to find photos about a specific book like Emma by Jane Austen, you had to search it like #EmmaJaneAusten.

Or when you tried to find an account, you had to write the exact username, or else you couldn’t find it.

But now, this feature has been updated, and it is more straightforward.  You don’t need to put a “#” or write the correct username.

That sounds amazing. You have no more difficulty finding photos and videos.

What will happen after this update, and why it’s essential for professional accounts?

How does Instagram Keyword Search Work?

Your account has a better chance of being discovered more than before. Formerly, if a user wanted to find you or your brand on Instagram, they had to know your exact account name to see you.

Or, if you didn’t use hashtags, they wouldn’t be able to find your posts on the search part.

The new keyword update solves this problem by including posts where the keyword is written in the caption. It is also an easy solution for finding your account.

In other words, this new update allows more people to find and access more content. Because more users can find you, you can increase your engagement rate and grow your business.

What Is Instagram Keyword Search & How Does It Work?

Besides the username that will appear by searching, your account’s name can also appear by searching.

So write a name related to your business, or if you have registered your brand’s reputation, Bingo! It’s up there in search results.

With this ability, you can improve your ranking on Instagram search by using correct and related keywords in the name and bio section.

You also have to pay attention to your posts, use your keywords in the caption and write related hashtags. This will lead your target audience to your page.

Correlation is the master key to being successful on social media. Keywords and hashtags need to be particular and relevant to your brand’s personality and products.

The most sensational aspect of this significant update for marketers and business owners is the perspective of Instagram SEO.

The Instagram algorithm and artificial intelligence help users, especially the marketers and business owners, be seen more and better and higher their engagement rate.


How can you make the most of this update?

Generally speaking, the advantage of Instagram keyword updates are divided into three categories.

  • More Engagement and Account development

This update is an excellent opportunity for finding new people to interact with. You can understand the taste and interests of your followers and build your future aims based on that.

The Instagram keyword search tool helps you find other brands related to you or those who want to partner with you.

  • Market industry and Analysis

With Instagram keywords, you can now look up your keywords and see what your audience and followers say about you.

You’ll also find out if your clients have any suggestions, which you can consider in your following product or service.

What Is Instagram Keyword Search

  • Getting Found By the target customers

The possibilities that keyword update brings to increasing your followers are amazing. Businesses or organizations on Instagram have always used keywords in the captions that they have created for customers.

But now, they will receive more following requests and higher engagement rates just because of this reason.

To summarize the above

And for making this whole short and brief, you have to pay attention to these two crucial tips and use them properly:

  • Use a suitable username and profile name.
  • Use related keywords and locations in your bio, and good keywords and hashtags in captions.

That’s it. And you will see a significant difference in your account very soon.


What do you think about Keywords? Have you ever had a successful experience using them?

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