Instagram “Map Search”: A Useful Tool for Business & Marketing


We are here again to introduce and discover one of the new Instagram features called “ Instagram Map Search.”

This feature is as enjoyable as its name! Do you have any idea about this update?

It is a new search page, but it is on the map. We had the explorer section, which was for finding posts based on our interest (Thanks to the Instagram algorithm), but the Instagram Search Map is where we can find the address of places. It is pretty amazing.

It’s like “Google Map,” but in a different version. With Instagram’s reels, videos, Instagram Stories, and posts of other people and the users.

Examples for Instagram Map Search:

You can see actual photos of the places. Is the restaurant actually good? How is the food? Do they have a good view and balcony? What do people say?

And you can even search for particular things. For example, let’s say you’ve just watched the “Sherlock Holmes” series, and you want to see pictures of 221B Baker Street!

You can type “221B Baker Street” and see where the pictures of the place. Isn’t it cool?

Instagram Map Search

How can we use Instagram Map Search?

Yes, I’m aware that you want to use this fantastic feature, so follow this structure:

  • First, you have to activate your phone’s location.
  • Go to the explorer part, tap on the “search.”
  • You can see four options: Top, Accounts, Tags, and Places.
  • You can search in the top empty bar or select the “Nearby Places.”
  • If you choose the Nearby Places, it suggests the places that are close to you.
  • Now you can explore this fun section of Instagram.

Is the Instagram Map Search a valuable feature for businesses, marketing & professional accounts?

Each new update of Instagram has benefits for businesses, and this is no exception for this one.

Now let’s talk about how map search can help us in our business and marketing?

As we mentioned before, Instagram is trying to focus on local and small businesses too.

This popular platform wants to pave the way for the progress of local businesses besides the popular brands and great marketers.

Instagram search map

  • Local businesses: choose a location for your post, and then you will place it on the map so that people can find you. This is an excellent opportunity to develop and expand your business on Instagram.

Remember that if you are a content maker, or you have home jobs: add the city or location that you are working in, and find other local home jobs and freelancers to collaborate with.

  • Travel influencers and Food bloggers: I think you can get the most out of the Instagram search map! You can share the places you are going to; also, you can share your sponsors’ locations to increase their engagement.

Share the address of that restaurant; what are you waiting for? After that, you can see the consumers more often if you are a successful and trusted influencer.

Note that: if you are a travel influencer, you can find the best places for sightseeing in this part.

Instagram Map Search

How can our posts appear on the Map Search?

If you have a business or creator account, then you have to set up your category correctly.

You have to choose between various options that are in this section, like:

ModelHistorical PlacesCity InfrastructureTV and MoviesMedia/ News Company
Public FigureShowBeautyBook/MagazineCommercial
BrandMusicArtIndustrialSports Club

And then tag your location on top of the posts. This will make you appear on the Instagram search map when someone is searching an area like yours.


Two useful tricks: Ask your followers and customers to tag your location if they have posted anything related to you. Also, use hashtag locations. This makes you appear in another category based on your location.


This is one of the best updates that I love personally. It is so excellent and helpful for all marketers, no matter whether they are local or international.

If you follow the instruction that we suggested to you, you will grow faster your account and your business.

If you are just an ordinary user, use this part to find places near your area and enjoy finding and discovering new spots.


please share your ideas with us, if you found this subject interesting.

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