What are the Best Instagram Reels Editing Apps in 2023? (For iOS & Android)


Everyone nowadays is talking about creating more and more content on Instagram reels. This feature has become one of the favorite sharing tools on Instagram.

Instagram has many other tools that let you share creative content, for instance, Instagram Stories, Instagram Lives, Instagram videos, and so on.

But reels are a bit different, and they are trendier. One million daily Instagram users face thousands of reels every day. Instagram users are scrolling on their feed to see fascinating reels, and they are looking for creative ones.

As I mentioned, so many users are creating and sharing reels on their Instagram accounts, but the ones that make better Instagram reels are more successful.

How can you create better and more competitive reals to gain more attention? You have to be familiar with the best Instagram reel editing apps.

What are the Best Instagram reels editing apps in 2022? (Android & iOS)

So if you are one of the beginners Instagram Reels creators, we have provided a complete list of the best Instagram Reels editors for Android users and iPhone users. We have included the Reels editors that are free to use and don’t leave a watermark.

Let’s go through the provided list and check out the best editor apps for Instagram Reels in 2022.

What are the Best Instagram reels editing apps in 2022?

This is the list we have added for you, including the best free apps you can have and use to edit and create better reels on Instagram. Let’s look at them and see how they can help us make more creative reels.

  1. InShot

As you might have guessed, the first app on the list will be InShot. InShot is one of Android and iPhone’s most popular Reels editors. It offers the users many aspect ratios to fit the whole Instagram screen in portrait orientation.

It also supports custom aspect ratios, so you can easily create vertical Reels videos based on your screen size. More than that, you can add any text like the native Instagram Reels editors, change the fonts, import music, add a color effect, and more.

What are the Best Instagram reels editing apps in 2022? (Android & iOS)

You can add animated stickers, emojis, custom images, and memes. All in all, this tool is a great Instagram Reels editor for all Android and iPhone users, and you have to give it a shot.

  1. VN Video Editor

VN Video Editor is one of the best Instagram Reels video editors on iOS and Android devices. It is much more advanced than other apps and offers all great features for free.

This Reels video editor app will also not set a watermark on the final edits. Furthermore, there are no videos or ads while editing or saving the video.

Besides, this video editor offers Instagram-specific tools for reels such as portrait video editing, background selection, multi-frame video making, and so on.

We liked this app and decided to put it on the list because it has advanced editing tools like curve shifting, FX for video effects, multi-track editing, BG for background enhancement, filters, etc.

What are the Best Instagram reels editing apps in 2022? (Android & iOS)

  1. FilmoraGo

The FilmoraGo video editor is another excellent video editor for creating Instagram Reels. Like other editor apps, it supports various aspect ratios in portrait orientation and has many excellent features for editing Reels for Instagram and also other creators.

It includes excellent video effects that you will not find on other apps.


Add music? No! It’s just the name of the app. Yet, the Add Music app can do more than just add music to your Instagram reels. It has a lot of animations to add a colorful twist to your videos. And to be honest, the animations are perfect.

This app doesn’t have templates or formats, so the filters and animations are enough to create videos for Instagram reels.

  1. Clips by Apple

This app is just for android users, so If you are an iOS user, then Clips is the one and only tool you will need to create the best and the most creative Instagram Reels videos.

This app has improved and lets you add Animojis to your videos, Memojis, and different animated characters. The app also supports texts, stickers, fonts, filters, etc. So indeed, it’s a suitable replacement for the native Reels editor on Instagram.

What are the Best Instagram reels editing apps in 2022? (Android & iOS)

  1. VITA

If you want to ease the process of making an Instagram reel, Vita is one of the apps you can get. The critical point of this app is the templates that let you create engaging videos.

You can access the most popular templates with just one click at the top. After you are done, pick one and then select the video.

  1. YouCut

If you are searching for a free Instagram Reels editor that does not add a watermark, YouCut is the one you are looking for. It’s only for Android users and brings a long list of useful features. The app also doesn’t show ads which is great.

You can choose an aspect ratio, change the background of your videos, adjust its colors, trim clips, crop and join multiple videos.

The YouCut app has all the standard and advanced video editing features that all Instagram users desire.

What are the Best Instagram reels editing apps in 2022? (Android & iOS)

Share Creative Reels

We hope that the mentioned apps help you create and share better Instagram Reels. We have added the best Instagram reel editing apps; you can choose among these 7 valuable apps and see which is more convenient.


If you have downloaded and installed each of these apps, please share your comments and thoughts about them with us in the section below.

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