Everything about Instagram Reels You Need to Know: How to Create Reels, Guides & Hacks


Do you want to expand your Instagram account and grow faster? Come closer, and I will tell you the secret: Use Instagram Reels.

Since the introduction of Reels by Instagram on August 5th in 2020, most of the professional accounts that used this feature correctly saw its benefits on their account engagement rate.

If you use great Reels strategies and know how to use this great feature, you can achieve this goal.

Let’s go through Instagram Reels thoroughly and see what it is and how it works. We also have some tricks you can use to share Reels on your account.

Everything about Instagram Reels You Need to Know guides and hacks

What are Instagram Reels, and how can we create them?

Instagram Reels are short 60-second videos, which you have to make vertically, and you can add music, stickers, GIFs, and other stuff to make them more attractive.

Brands and businesses found Reels a handy feature to showcase their products and services and gather all their creativity to make the best Reels.

  1. Tap your profile picture in the top left of the home feed. Then, scroll to find Reels at the bottom of the screen.
  2. You can hold the record button to record the clip.
  3. You also can add a video from your camera roll by tapping on the left bottom of your screen.
  4. Select the left-pointing arrow if you want to watch, trim, or delete the clip you just recorded.
  5. And to add stickers, or text to your Reel, tap the right-pointing arrow.
  6. You can change its cover photo by tapping on the right-pointing arrow
  7. After you are done, write the caption and add related hashtags.
  8. If you want to share the Reel to your story, tap “Stories.” if you don’t, you can share it on the feed.
  9. Now put your finger on “Share” and then “Done.”

Everything about Instagram Reels You Need to Know guides and hacks

You can create Instagram Reels in 3 different ways:

  • The Reels tab
  • The Instagram home screen
  • Your Instagram Stories camera

Don’t forget to add some noise:

To make your Reel better, you can add music by tapping the audio icon. Then search for a song you like from the Instagram music library. Another way to use your original audio is by recording a Reel with it.

Can other users use your audio?

Yes, if you share your Reel with your audio, the original audio will be credited to you. So if you have a public account, other users can make Reels using your audio if they select “Use Audio” from your Reel.

You can choose the speed of your video from the left sidebar from .3x, .5x, 1x, 2x, 3x, or 4x. The default is 1x. Besides the audio, these are the other options you can add to your Reel to make it more attractive:

  • AR effects: find them from Instagram’s AR effects gallery.
  • Draw: Use this tool to add some extra spice.
  • Filters: you can swipe left to find filters.
  • Stickers: this part also includes GIFs.
  • Text: if you want to explain more, add text to your Reels.

Everything about Instagram Reels You Need to Know guides and hacks

What are Recommended Instagram Reels Dimensions?

As you know, Reels are vertical, and they are made to view full screen on your phone. So the Reels size must be 1080 pixels x 1920 pixels, and the ratio of 9:16

If you are making Reels directly from your phone, this would be so easy to maintain the correct diminution.

An important point is that the Algorithm of Instagram puts the copied reels from other apps, like TikTok, in low-quality content. So if you want your content to be valuable, create and share it yourself.

If you want to make your content more valuable and if you want the algorithm detects it, you can use these hacks to make better Reels for your followers:

Top hacks for creating Instagram Reels that everyone should know

Create Creative Original Content and don’t use Videos that contain TikTok watermarks: As we mentioned above, the Instagram algorithm doesn’t value the copied content and puts them in low-qualified content. So if you want to develop your account using Reels, you must pay attention to this point.

Everything about Instagram Reels You Need to Know guides and hacks

Add On-screen Text and Captions and try to optimize them: Reels in the feed will be in the square form, like other simple posts. So if you want to add texts, make sure it is placed correctly, and everyone can see without tapping on the Reel.

Share the Reels to your feed section: this is one of the best ways to boost your engagement rate and, in some cases, go viral faster.

Don’t forget to include up to 5 related Hashtags: categorizing your Reels in specific hashtags make their place in exploring and receiving more views. Why? Because it helps the Instagram algorithm understand your content and show it to its target audiences.

Furthermore, Instagram has keyword search, and users can find related content by searching them. This is the most important hack that you need to work on.

Use Music: Finding suitable music for your story can be challenging. You can add your original voice or find one from the Instagram music library. Adding music will make your Reel seen by more Instagram users.

Everything about Instagram Reels You Need to Know guides and hacks

These are the tips and hacks you can use to attract more followers by posting creative Reels. Don’t forget, you have 8 seconds to attract the audience. Yes, it is true. Based on a study, people will give 8-minutes chance to each content, so you have to make them stuck more than this number.

In some other studies, the number is 3 seconds, so keep in mind the essential 3 to 8 golden seconds to convince your followers to stay more and watch your Reels or Instagram videos.

How can you see your Instagram Reels Analytics?

Open a reel which you want to see its insights. Tap on the three-dot icon in the right corner of your screen, then select “Insights.” in this part, you can see the number of times your Reel has been played.

The number of Instagram users who visited your Reel. The number of your likes, comments, saves, and Shares.

The other way is heading to your Instagram profile and finding “Insights” to see all your Analytics.

Everything about Instagram Reels You Need to Know guides and hacks

As a final observation

Reels are trendy; they can showcase any service and products, they can be entertaining and amusing, and making them can be a fun process. This is one of the popular tools on Instagram that benefits you in all aspects of your business and marketing.

Furthermore, you can make money from this useful feature. Do you know how to make money from Instagram Reels? If you don’t check this paper, we have some practical tips for you.

Don’t worry if you own a personal account; reels can be helpful to share creative content with your friends and families.


All in all, Instagram Reels is a great feature if it’s used correctly. If you have any second thoughts on this topic, please share your remarks in the comment section, so we can hear your ideas.

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