What is Instagram Video Selfie Verification?


Creating a secure and safe platform and identifying fake or spam accounts have been challenging for social media day by day. It is sometimes tough to spot spam accounts on an app as a user.

So the platforms are trying to solve this problem and make everything right. Instagram also wants to identify each individual that wants to create an account on this platform. It is not easy because this popular platform already has many users, and the number is constantly increasing.

As you know, Instagram should focus on the users and those who want to create an account. Here comes a significant and valuable feature that we call “Video Selfie verification.”

Instagram has struggled with bot accounts for so long. These accounts can send spam messages, harass people, or make fake comments or followers.

Instagram selfie verification

What is Video Selfie verification, and when is it required?

Video selfie verification is an ability that Instagram has been planning for some time now. It seems like Instagram requires a video selfie verification for new accounts only.

The existing account will be necessary to identify only when they do spam-like acts! In that case, they will face a challenge that requires error.

In what conditions will Instagram suspect you as a fake or spam account?

If you have done one of these things below, you’ll be imagined as a fake account, and you will be required an identification:

  • You have entered your account from different regions frequently.
  • Multiple users in other areas have used your account.
  • Using VPNs.
  • Using unsecured third-party applications.

You can avoid doing these with your account, but don’t be anxious if you face that error. Everything will be the same as it was after passing the challenges.

When you face this message from Instagram: “your account has been temporarily locked,” you will have three options to identify yourself:

  1. Sending a code for your E-mail or phone number.
  2. Captcha for identifying photos.
  3. Video selfie verification.

In this part, we will discuss video selfie Captcha.

This feature has been added recently. It is a new tool for identifying users. A speedy and straightforward way of proving Instagram: Hey, I’m not a bot or fake!

Instagram selfie verification

How does Instagram video selfie verification work?

The video selfie tool will ask you to position your face in a circle and get approval for your identity:

  • First, you have to look at your camera and place your face in the mentioned circle.
  • Then, show all your face’s ankles as Instagram wants. (Turn around your head.)
  • After you have done and Instagram accepted, just tap on submit and enter your account.

These steps are so simple, and the platform will accept your identification after doing all these works, but if you faced a problem or Instagram didn’t get it, you have other solutions.

However, Instagram’s video selfie verification seems more potent than other applications and won’t be accessible to imposture for spammers, but it might have some difficulties.

If you face a concern, make sure that you show your face and not your picture. Your face would be easy to identify than any picture.

The company states that this video won’t be visible on Instagram, and it will be gone after 30 days.

This platform has also announced that they won’t gather this data from users or use it for other purposes. The taken videos will be permanently deleted after 30 days.

Instagram video selfie

Instagram’s artificial intelligence analyses the selfies for identification and not anything else. This company wants to know that you are a natural person that has been created an account. With this tool, you can confirm it.

The selfie video verification will be for those accounts that are acting suspiciously more often, and if you are not like them, you might not face it anytime soon.


With these strict rules and decisions about spotting fake or spam accounts, Instagram provides a safe and secure platform for its users and tries to resolve all the problems from these unsecured accounts.

What do you think about video selfie verification on Instagram?

In my idea, it is a great tool instead of a captcha image on Instagram because sometimes it is hard for users to recognize the picture on their devices.

Please share your thoughts with us and comment on which one you prefer to use when your account has been suspected from Instagram.

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