Instagram Username Ideas (For Girls & Boys) 2022


If you are an Instagram user, you are well aware that a username is one of the essential parts of an account.

People can guess about you and your account based on this username. Or even, you can attract people if you have chosen a creative username.

For example, you send a follow request to someone on Instagram, a notification pops up in a person’s phone, “@user (you) has requested to follow you.”

The first thing that appears on their phone is your username. It is called the first impression! Username can give information about your: gender, your account, type of your activity on Instagram, even some might guess your personality by the username.

Those people that are not paying attention to their username aren’t that successful on Instagram. First, let’s see what characteristics a username should have?

Instagram Username Ideas (For Girls & Boys) 2022

Features of a good and impressive Instagram username for brands

Finding a suitable username representing your account’s personality can be challenging. As I mentioned above, most users don’t pay attention, but if someone cares about this issue, it is a winner.

If you want to make your brand and run a business on Instagram, an impressive username is critical for you.

So let’s get to know what the features of a good username are:

  • It should Highlight Your Brand’s Offering

There are many brands on Instagram, and it makes it hard for you to make the first impression in a good way with your audiences. Choose a name that can represent your brand and its offerings.

For example, you can add these words to the username: beauty, cosmetic, and makeup if you have a cosmetic trademark.

  • Try to find a memorable username

Finding a memorable username is that it is easy to search for, and people can remember it easily. This can improve your engagement rate and gain followers. Look at these usernames: NASA, Nike, and Starbucks.

Although they are simple, they remind us of the concept of the brands. Furthermore, they are easy to memories and people can find them by searching.

  • Try to Be Consistent across social media.

Suppose you want to make a brand. It’s better to find a username available on all the platforms you want to create an account.

Instagram Username Ideas (For Girls & Boys) 2022

Features of an impressive Instagram username for all the users

We talk about brands in the above section. Now let’s talk about other users with personal accounts. All the users on Instagram want to gain more followers and have active accounts.

Our recommendation for you on choosing an Instagram username is paying attention to the tips below:

  • Make your decision about your account’s personality. Whether you want to share your daily photos or you want to pick a theme and make it authentic?
  • If your account will be dedicated to your friends and family, and you want to limit your connection to them, it is alright. But if you’re going to put a step further and make new friends, we recommend finding a creative username for yourself based on your characteristic.
  • Although you are creating a personal account, try to choose a simple, memorable username. Don’t use too many numbers, and try to make it easy to remember.

There isn’t necessary to put all your information in the username. Choose one or 2 elements and try to make it creative.

  • In the end, when you gather the elements and decide on your username, organize the elements well and in good order.

For instance: if you want to add your year of birth into the username, add it at the end of the name, like James1995, JamesSmith95.

In the following part, we mention some of the username ideas for boys and girls so that they can inspire you.

Instagram Username Ideas for Girls & Boys

We tried to gather some impressive and new usernames, so you can pick or look up and find your own.

  1. Instagram Username Ideas for Girls:
Angel SnowflakesGoingGirl
  1. Instagram Username Ideas for Boys:
Grey MareWhite Sand
Alien BrainBabynative


Now that you have a general view about making an impressive username and some ideas and examples, try to make your username more attractive and memorable.

Having excellent and eye-catching usernames helps you develop your account, no matter whether you have a personal or professional account.

You can give a good vibe to your followers by choosing a great username on Instagram.


What is your opinion about this article? Do you agree that usernames are essential on Instagram? You can share your Instagram username in the comment section if you want.

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