What is the Instagram video time limit in 2022?


You know how crucial videos are on Instagram, and if you own a brand or business, Instagram videos can boost your growth and attract more audiences for you.

You have so many options on this platform to share your videos: on Stories and in the Feed. Furthermore, you can share your videos as an Instagram video or Reels in your feed.

In this paper, we’re going to talk about the time limit for Instagram videos and see their limitations. Since the video has become one of the most critical content on Instagram, you have to pay more attention to creating them and know how they work.

This can benefit you in most aspects of your business and marketing. Knowing this helps you nail your Instagram video strategies and make you act better on your professional and even personal account in 2022. So let’s face the music.

What is the Instagram video time limit in 2022

What is the Instagram video length limit in 2022?

As you know, posting videos is not enough. You have to ensure that this video you are sharing is fit and shown perfectly on your followers’ feed and even in the explore section to engage and attract more audiences.

On the other hand, you have to pay attention that IGTV doesn’t exist anymore on Instagram, and the video you are sharing, if it is long, will post as an Instagram video.

Well, this is good to hear because it simplifies the process of sharing long video content on this forum.

Instagram video length limit for professional and verified accounts:

Instagram’s videos have 10 minutes maximum limit, and it should not be longer than that. But verified professional accounts, in other words, selected accounts, can post videos for up to 60 minutes!

It should be noted that all the users will see a 60-second preview on the Instagram video, and then they can decide to tap on a video to continue or not.

What is the Instagram video time limit in 2022

There is other information that helps you to maintain your proficiency:

  • Instagram live video limit is 4 hours.
  • The video length for Instagram Reels is 60 seconds.
  • Finally, as you know, the video limit on the story section is 15 seconds; you can post 100 stories in 24 hours.

Share your video using Trim on Instagram:

To share better videos, you can get help from the trim on Instagram, which lets you select your favorite part and share it right away. If you don’t know how it works, look at the steps below:

  • Select the icon on your Instagram profile.
  • Pick the video you want to post and tap on “next.”
  • Click on the “Trim” option next to the filters.
  • Select your favorite part by dragging the bar to a 60-second video frame, then press “next.”

Bingo! Now you can write an engaging caption, add some related hashtags, and give it away.

What is the Instagram video time limit in 2022

How to share Long Video on Instagram Carousels?

Do NOT underestimate Instagram Carousels. Why? Because they are more likely to save, they will increase your engagement rate, and Instagram users are more likely to watch videos on carousels. So let’s see how we can cut out the video and share it.

Before anything, let me eliminate that using third-party apps, in this case, is better, and it can be easier. This option allows you to cut your video into 10 parts and share it as a single post. The length of the videos should be 60 seconds.

How can you share your Videos on Carousels? Follow the steps:

  • First, you need to shorten the video into divided 60-second videos.
  • After you are done, Open Instagram and Tap on the  icon.
  • Select the multiple videos with a small icon on the right side.
  • Choose your ready trimmed videos and then tap on “next.”

Now share it on Instagram and let others enjoy your content.

What is the Instagram video time limit in 2022

In the main

Instagram has been focusing more on its video content and has provided so many useful tools and options for users to create better and more video-based content.

Great Videos are more engaging, and they attract more audiences. So if they are correctly used, they can boost your account and also your business.

When sharing a video, you need to pay attention to its length and resolution and make high qualified videos for your followers.

In the above passage, we talked about the time limitation for Instagram videos and shared some tips that help you share videos on Instagram.


If you have any concerns or queries, please share them with us to help you. We are waiting to hear from you in the comment section.

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