How to Make Top 9 Pictures on Instagram?


We are all obsessed with Instagram nowadays. This app has been the most favorite platform among the others. Each day, users post 95 million photos and videos on Instagram.

Instagram has announced a feature that helps you find your best 9 pictures at the end of the year and post them as a collage.

This is for the users who post lots of content in a year and want to know which one is more popular.

Create a top 9 Instagram collage of the most successful photos from your post in the past 12 months.

This article will go through creating a top 9 Instagram posts that you can share online. Let’s dive in.

How to Make Top 9 Pictures on Instagram

What are the Top 9 Pictures on Instagram?

Instagram’s users will see a steady stream of top 9 collages in their feed. This ability launched in 2014, and since then, people have been obsessed with it.

Every year, people can see their favorite photos and share them with their followers. Celebrities and influencers are the top fans of this ability and share their favorite ones with their audiences.

Since first launching, there have been more than 103 million top 9 collages created by the users. This is just for your posts and doesn’t contain the stories.

How to Make Top 9 Pictures on Instagram?

Sharing the 9 top pictures has become a steady plan for users every year.

But it is a surprise why Instagram doesn’t provide an in-app feature that helps users share these pictures.

Third party apps

You have to use third-party apps, for this purpose: there are lots of apps that can help you share these pictures. One of these apps is BetaLabs that can help you. Just follow the steps below.

The first step is navigating to their official website. From there, you can download the apps for your devices. It has an iPhone and Android.

Since you have to enter your Instagram information on this app, make sure it is the original one, so other fake apps cannot steal your information.

In the app or website, log in to your Instagram account, and from there, you can make your top 9 collages for sharing on Instagram.

Also, there is another way that users like the most: sending an email to the company and waiting for them to send you your top 9 posts. It might sound time-consuming, but the platform will do it as soon as possible.

How to Make Top 9 Pictures on Instagram

Some reports show that users have problems using the site or the applications designed for this. It is because of the number of receiving data. There are lots of people that request on these platforms.

In the example below, we tell you how to make your collage step by step:

You can go to these websites and enter your username or email address.

Top Nine allows you to search a private Instagram account in addition to a public one, however BestNine exclusively searches public Instagram accounts.

After a few seconds, you can receive your collages and some information about the posts. Now you can share it on your account, and if you want just the pictures, you can crop the explanation parts.

  • You can change their order and customize it however you like.
  • Don’t forget to use the related hashtags in the caption to get more viral.

How to Make Top 9 Pictures on Instagram

What are the features of knowing your best posts on the Instagram account?

We recommend to head to these sites and know what your top 9 posts in a year are. The reason is you will know which content attracts more followers and what your audiences’ taste is. And you can try sharing more content like them on your account.


This article went through how to make the top 9 pictures and post them. It is like an end-of-the-year trend on Instagram, and users love to share their top posts and pictures.


Have you ever posted the top 9 collages on Instagram? Which app or site did you use to get them? We would appreciate leaving your responses and ideas in the comments section below.

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