How to Post Stories on Instagram’s Feed


Posts and stories are the two main contents on Instagram. They represent the concept of your page and contain the most crucial information and data.

You might sometimes want to post a story that you have shared or share a post of your own or other users as your story.

In this part, we will give you some tricks to go to posts from your stories and do it again in reverse.

Well, as you are aware of the algorithm of Instagram, it might sometimes happen that your posts are not shown in the feed of your followers, even not for the loyal ones.

The reason might be that your post’s number of likes or savings was low for a while. As you get familiar with the Instagram algorithm, we are continuing our subject.

How to Post Stories on Instagram's Feed

How can you inform them that you have posted something?

You can share your post in the story part. It is the best way of reminding your followers that: Hey! I’m here. I just posted a photo an hour ago! Please check it out ASAP!

How can you share your post in the stories?

For this purpose, just you need to follow two steps below:

  1. Navigate to your recent post and tap on the “share icon” next to the comments. (paper airplanepaper airplane)
  2. And then choose the “Add post to your story.”

Before uploading the story, make sure that you design it well to attract the followers to go and see your post.

Now, if you are exploring Instagram and scrolling the feed, you suddenly see an interesting or informative post.

You decide to share it with your followers, follow the same steps and share it in the story section. But you have to consider that the page should not be private.

How can you share your story in the Instagram feed?

Now let’s move on to the other subject. How can we post a story in the feed?

We have two ways of sharing stories in the feed. The first one is direct:

  1. Go to your Stories Archive.
  2. And then, choose the story that you want to share and tap on it.
  3. On the right-bottom side, tap on three dots.
  4. Five options will appear for you. Choose the “Share as a post.”
  5. Now you can make some changes and post that in the feed.

This trick was for the stories that are archived in the archive section.

How to Post Stories on Instagram's Feed

For the regular stories, you cannot share them directly. You have to take screenshots or screen records based on the story that you want to share.

And also, you can use third-party apps to download the story and then share it.

You can mention the page that has shared this story. It will be more appropriate.

Other information:

You might be tagged in a story, and then a message will appear under that story saying: “add this to your story.”

With tapping on that notification, you will share the story that you have been tagged in your story section.

How to Post Stories on Instagram's Feed


As we mentioned in the beginning, Posts and stories are the two main and essential contents on Instagram.

The more you learn about them and share them, the more you will successfully develop and expand your Instagram account.

No matter whether you have a private account or you are running and managing a business. This information and tricks are helpful for all types of users.

If you find this informative, please share your ideas and thought with us. If you know of any other tricks, you can share them with us.

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