How to Write a Professional Bio for Instagram Business & Personal Accounts


Every business account on Instagram is also an electronic business card. It is a great platform to find customers for your business and introduce yourself as a brand worldwide.

The first step to professionalize your Instagram business account is writing a full, creative, and engaging bio.

Bio is like the introduction of your page; for this reason, you have to pay attention to what you are writing about. It shows and introduces the personality of your brand.

Even if you have a personal page and want to meet new people and make new friends, your Instagram bio will help you find other people similar to yourself with similar or common interests.

How to Write a Professional Bio for Instagram Business & Personal Accounts

How to write a Professional Bio for your account?

The first essential element in writing an Instagram bio is the name.

It can be your full name or your brand’s name, depending upon the activity you have on the page, or another creative expression that you choose for yourself as an influencer.

Be aware that the name section is different from your username. Just writing your name would be unprofessional because others can search this name in the search part. So you can include something besides your name that increases your page’s visibility.

  • The name field is a key to attracting other people’s attention to your account and helps find your account on related searches.

Writing a creative and intelligent name might hint people to make guesses about you, your business, and your brand:

  • Sharing your abilities and skills on your bio will help you to present a unique character. If you have a personal page as a brand creator, sharing your hobbies and favorite activities can positively affect others.
  • If your brand has a unique tone for sharing posts and stories, follow this process in the bio.
  • Use emojis to make the bio a bit friendlier and intimate. Visual information and using it are essential to get people’s attention. But remember to use the relevant ones.
  • Add your brand’s hashtags or the relevant ones to your bio to increase the engagement rate.
  • CTA (call to action) is always essential; don’t underrate it, whether under posts or bio.
    You can add other social accounts and encourage people to follow them. It will help your loyal followers find you on every application.
  • Add your site address using the link option, and again tell people to check it.
  • Display your email address for business and advertising. But remember to give line breaks and don’t overwrite lots of words.
  • Add your contact information (Your address, phone number) if you have a business account.

It makes other businesses and brands have easy access to contact you. These are the tips you can write your bio like a pro.


How can you add your website in the bio section?

As we mentioned above, it’s crucial and professional for business accounts to have your website on the bio. Let’s find out how we can add the URL.

If you are focused on promoting your website, it’s an excellent option for you:

  1. Go to your profile and tap on Edit Profile.
  2. Add the URL in the “website” field. There you go, now you have a link in your Instagram bio.

You have only 150 characters for writing an impressive and effective bio on your Instagram, so be careful about choosing the right words and emojis. You can also add more information for the biography, thorough organizing your highlights.

All the options on your main page on Instagram are related to each other. By following a particular theme or tone, you can create an attractive account.

The last word

An Instagram bio is an opening to your page, and it’s as essential, more than other parts of the page because you can make a good first impression. Also, you cannot gain followers of it, but your ideal follower can find you and understand what you are doing and what your page is about through reading your creative bio.

In the end, now that you know the benefits of writing an Instagram bio, start to think about the impressive words that you can write on, and make a change if you think your bio is not that interesting and bring it to perfection.

If you want to see some of the best Instagram bio ideas in 2022, you can check this link out.


We will gladly answer if you have any questions; so please ask us in the comment section.

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