How to Report & Delete a Fake Instagram Account?


If you have ever seen Instagram fake accounts, or they cause you any problems, read this article till the end!

As you comprehend, Instagram is one of the most prevalent platforms nowadays, and it has lots of active users. While the number of real and active users is high, some fake and spam accounts are on this platform.

Every social media platform has fake users. It is inseparable. But the question is how we can stay away from them and their troubles?

The very first and best solution is to block them as spam account. Most of the users do this when they face these types of accounts.

First, we have to know what is a fake account and how we can recognize them?

How to Report & Delete a Fake Instagram Account

 How to identify a fake Instagram account?

Let’s illustrate this with an example: consider you have found an online shop during your exploration on Instagram and want to buy things from them.

How can you find out they are not fake and trust them? You need to check these options to ensure they have a secure account.

  1. Their comments: If they have just a bunch of unrelated and repeated comments or don’t answer the audiences’ comments, you need to be careful.
  2. Shipment tracking code and followers satisfaction messages: if they share their posted products for their followers or share customer satisfaction, they are more trustworthy than others.
  3. Sharing real pictures of their products: this is very important to consider. If an account doesn’t share an accurate picture of their products, they might be fake. BUT, there are some exceptions according to the account’s concept.
  4. Answer direct messages correctly: if you have texted them and asked about their products, they have to respond to you in a professional tune. Some might be busy, or others manage accounts on their own, so it might take a bit more to respond.

But the accounts that respond faster to the users are a winner.

Real and professional accounts always obey Customer Orientation to develop and expand their brand and business.

How to Report & Delete a Fake Instagram Account

How to report a fake Instagram account?

When you face a fake account, it is reasonable that you don’t want to let them be, and you want to report them to Instagram.

If you want to report a fake account on Instagram to delete it, you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Find the fake profile you want to report on Instagram.
  2. Tap on the 3 points in the upper right part of their profile page.
  3. Now you will see the report option, and you can click on it.
  4. Then Instagram will show you different reasons for reporting this user.
  5. Choose the most appropriate and related one.

After this process, you have to wait until Instagram responds to you and delete the reported account.

If you wonder, Instagram deletes the account based on your report, the answer is yes. This platform, with its algorithm, will examine the situation and report the fake account.

You have to note this, if Instagram receives more requests for reporting an account, it will delete the page faster and in less time.

How to Report & Delete a Fake Instagram Account

On the other hand, Instagram is sensitive to sharing violent content or harassing other users.

If you see an account sharing this content or abusing these issues:

  • Pornographic nudes
  • excessive or violence
  • Racism
  • spam
  • Threats
  • Content that violates copyright
  • Identity fraud
  • Work or school bullying

You can report them and delete their pages.

Instagram has strict rules for these types of accounts and tries to identify and delete them. But this account will be on Instagram, and it is undeniable.

We have to help Instagram find and delete them to provide a more safe application.

How to Report & Delete a Fake Instagram Account

End of the line

It is crucial to provide a healthy community on social media platforms. Since we spend most of our time online and do business and marketing or share unique content on these platforms, especially Instagram, it is adequate to report fake or spam accounts.

Instagram will delete a page if it has been reported by users. So when you feel uncomfortable seeing content or receiving a message or have discovered a fake online shop or a business, you can easily report them.


Have you ever reported a page on Instagram? Would you please share your views with us in the section below?

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