How to Report a Post For Copyright on Instagram?


Instagram is one of the popular platforms worldwide, and it has almost near 1/5 billion users. According to the number of users, the content shared on Instagram is mind-blowing.

Now the question is how Instagram can control this amount of data? On the other side, this platform is strict on copyright and won’t allow its users to share copy content without crediting the author.

With its artificial intelligence, Instagram detects copied content and alerts the users. If a user receives too many alerts, Instagram will block its post and deactivate its account.

The question is, does Instagram do all of this itself? The answer is no. Instagram has provided some features for its users to help the platform by reporting violations of copyrights.

If you are a producer and your content has been copied, you can inform Instagram and block the users. At first, let’s take a look at Instagram’s policies.

Privacy Terms on Instagram

Developing Instagram has brought lots of features to our lives. From entertainment to business and also connecting our friends.

Nothing is without problems! On the other side, Instagram has its own issues, and to prevent these types of issues has prepared strict rules.

Copyright infringement and digital piracy is the primary concern on Instagram, and it tries to prevent such things.

Instagram has given the responsibility to its users to find copyright infringement. This platform expects its users to report copyright infringement.

It means that finding and reporting illegal content on Instagram is up to you. If you don’t know how to do that, just read the rest of the paper.

How to report a post for copyright on Instagram?

What would you do if someone had posted your photo or video without giving the credit and without any permission?

The first solution is DMing them and asking them why. Maybe they didn’t know the author for giving the credit. What if they didn’t respond and didn’t pay attention?

How to Report a Post For Copyright on Instagram?

You can report Instagram, and they will solve this issue.

  • Go to the help center of Instagram using the link.
  • Find the option which says you found content that violates your copyright.
  • Click to continue.
  • Next, you have to add your contact details. All you have to do is equip your name and email address. Use your name, not your Instagram account’s name.

  • Confirm the email address.
  • Enter your country of residence.
  • Tap on the content you want to report and determine what kind of content it is.
  • Add the link to the content you are reporting. They might have blocked you, so you can use the other account to get the link.

  • Enter the reason why you are reporting the content.
  • Click to add your original work and choose its type.
  • Enter the link to the original content.
  • Confirm your agreement.

  • Add your electronic signature (you can just type your name).
  • And then you’re done!
  • Instagram will email you confirming your report.
  • Instagram will inform you, with an email, when they have removed or disabled access to the content. This process might take 48 hours.

How to Report a Post For Copyright on Instagram?

How to prevent copyright violation?

The only way to prevent accounts that constantly violate copyright is by reporting them.

If they get reported for copyright violations by many accounts, finally, their account will be deactivated. So encourage your followers to report copy content.

  • You can watermark your photos or add your username to your videos or reels.

The benefit of doing this is that people can find you and tell you somebody has stolen your content. Or they can report the post if they acknowledge it is violating copyright.

Also, Instagram can determine that is your content, and someone else is using it.

If you report the content, this platform will remove it faster.

Even using your specific hashtag in the photo or video by other accounts is considered permission to share them.

How to Report a Post For Copyright on Instagram?

Most users don’t mind if their video or photo is being posted without consent, as long as the credit is given.

  • If you think the reporting process is time-consuming or Instagram asks too many questions, don’t regret reporting! It is worth it. Also, you cannot answer all of them if they are unnecessary.


You own the content you originally make and share on social media. No matter which app you are using, they allow you to report when you see a copyright violation.

It is better to report those accounts that are sharing other users’ posts without permission or giving credit.

If we pay attention to this concern, the number of accounts that are violating the copyright will decrease. Nobody wants its account to get disabled by Instagram.

Sharing original content is the key to being successful on Instagram, so try to make your own, and if you like other content, share it before you ask permission. Or at least give credit to the author.


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