How to Restrict Someone on Instagram? & What Does It Mean?


Instagram introduced a feature called “Restrict” In October 2019. This ability permits you to “restrict” followers who can be insulting.

There are always abusive people who try to put their anger and jealousy in other people. Instagram and, in general, social media might be the best platform for these people.

You can make an account anonymously and do whatever you want. Also, some people misbehave with their real identity, and that is such a shame.

So Instagram released the “Restrict” feature to help other users quickly eliminate them when facing these abusing people.

Since Instagram is one of the great platforms, and it has over 1 billion users, this ability can help a lot to identify and restrict them so we can have a better platform.

Now let’s see how we can use Restrict and what its benefits on our exploring are.

Restrict on Instagram

What is Restrict and what happens when you restrict someone on Instagram?

As its name makes quite clear, it means restricting other users in what they can do on your profile.

This feature puts certain limitations on the restricted user and all his interactions with you.

So it is not the same as blocking; the restriction affects the interactions only. You can both still follow each other or see their profile and posts, but there are some irregularities in the way you interact with each other.

In other words, the user who got restricted won’t even notice you’ve limited them, so they will be able to do typical actions while you enjoy your peace not seeing them.

If you are confused, we made things clear in this part. After reading this part, you will completely understand the Restrict feature:

  • The users can leave comments under your posts, but just you and they will see it. It won’t notify you. You will have the option to accept that others can also see the comments or delete them. Or you ignore the comments.
  • Moreover, they can view your Stories, and you can see them in the view list.
  • You both can see each other\s posts in the feed.
  • The restricted users can send you messages, but it won’t notify you, and the messages will be in the message request tab.
  • If they like your posts, you won’t be notified.

Bringing up the rear is a simple way to avoid uncomfortable interactions with people who leave mean comments or send offensive messages to you.

If you don’t want them to see your stories, you can use the hide feature and be more comfortable.

Restrict on Instagram

How can you restrict someone on Instagram?

Now, if you want to restrict a user on Instagram, all you have to do is follow the structures below:

  1. Search and find the users and their profiles on Instagram.
  2. Next, you have to tap on the three dots next to the announcement icon.
  3. The “Restrict” option is in the line under the Block and report options.
  4. You can choose that option and restrict the user.

After doing it, Instagram will inform you with a pop-up alert that will happen after this action.

Again don’t be worried! The user won’t find out that you have restricted them. You will quickly stop bullying using this option.

Now you are completely done, and you can enjoy your exploring on Instagram without bothering notifications or messages from that specific person unless you search their comments or messages.

If you change your decision and want to undo this process, you can do it using 2 ways:

  • First, you can go back to the person’s profile and follow the same steps we mentioned above. And tap on the un-restrict option to remove this feature.
  • Second, you can go to your profile settings, select the Privacy option, and find the Restricted accounts option.

You will see a list of restricted users (if you did!), and you can undo the action with a button.

Just remember that the users will have no idea they have got restricted. This benefit can make you freer to make decisions like this.

How to Restrict on Instagram

To conclude

Instagram announced that some users might be anxious to block their bullies, and the Restrict feature will help them ultimately.

Because when you block someone, they can find out, but in the case of restricting, you are more comfortable. It may be a good treat for those who face their bullies in the real world.

If you are uncomfortable with somebody’s words or actions, try to stop them, whether they are in the real world or on social media.

You have these options to prevent offensive people from their actions on social media, but you cannot restrict or block or even mute them in the real world!

If you are facing big trouble, ask for other trusted people’s help. We hope you are safe both in the real world and on social media.

If you have any same experience, please share it with us in the comment below.

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