How to Select a Strong Password For Instagram Account? (Dos & Don’ts)


Despite the increasing internet usage, especially social media, and the emphasis on data security, a large portion of the communication are using weak passwords to secure their professional and personal accounts globally.

It is shocking that some people still choose the famous “12345” number for their passcode on the internet!

Choosing a strong and safe password is necessary for all, whether personal users, employees, or professional internet and social media users.

One of the most important platforms that we are using daily is Instagram. So we have to take care of our Instagram account security and make sure that we have chosen an excellent passcode to prevent any unlikely situation.

How to Select a Strong Password For Instagram Account?

Here we want to guide you on choosing and creating a safe and strong password on Instagram. Since many users have an issue with this topic, we wanted to elaborate more.

Most Instagram users think that password is not that important, but they are mistaken. Let’s put an end to this, so stay with us.

How to select and create a strong password for Instagram?

Cybercriminals know that people can’t or don’t know how to create a strong password. Some take care of this issue, but other people don’t even care about their passcodes on the Instagram app and everywhere.

Take a few minutes to read the guidance below and set your password based on this information:

  • Do not use ordinal letters or numbers.

This is one of the common mistakes that users make. Choosing “12345” or “abcd” is not an ideal option that can keep your security. Nearly 11% of the 3.4 million passcodes are 1234! So cybercriminals now have access to almost 11% of the accounts.

  • Do not use a birth year or birth month/day.

I see you are surprised! Yes, it is true, and the reason is your birthdate can be easily found with a quick search on social media. You definitely have added your birth date on your Instagram bio, Twitter, Facebook, and other socials.

How to Select a Strong Password For Instagram Account?

  • Do not use meaningful names or words that can be found on dictionaries.

Replace the letter with numbers and vice versa. It will make it difficult to guess the passcode. Or intentionally use spelling errors in the passcode or your passphrase. For instance, gr39n0C#5E for “green café.”

  • Do not reuse one password.

Some users select a passcode and use it for their websites, devices, applications, etc. You need to know every single website, application, or software, requires an extra strong and secure password for itself.

If someone guessed one of your passwords, they can’t have access to your other accounts.

Don’t share your password with anyone, and pay attention to the emails you receive from Instagram or other apps to remind you of changing your passcodes.

We talked about “DON’TS” in the above section, now let’s see some “DOS!”

  • Use a mixture of at least 12 letters, symbols, and numbers.

If you use a passcode that is long with more character variety, it will be harder to guess. For example, N0v#ub5Qe? Use a composition of upper- and lowercase numbers, symbols, and letters.

How to Select a Strong Password For Instagram Account?

  • Combine unrelated words in your passcode.

As mentioned above, combined and unrelated words are less likely to guess. Some users write the names of their favorite and famous songs, movies, and games, and they think: Wow, what s Pass!

Well for your information it is not a good idea! The more complicated, the stronger your Pass.

  • Use a pass manager to keep your passwords.

It isn’t easy to remember all the combined passes we create for our accounts. So it is better to get assistance from third-party apps. With a search, you can find so many handy apps that will help you in this way.

If you are an android user, search for apps on Google play, and if you are an iPhone user, there are so many apps on App Store.

After changing your Instagram password to a strong password, it is better to activate two-factor authentication. And also, make sure you have updated your phone number and email address.

How to Select a Strong Password For Instagram Account?


Don’t include this information in your Pass:

  1. The name of your pet.
  2. Your birthdate.
  3. Words related to your job or hobbies.
  4. A Part of your address includes city, street, or country.
  5. Your name or last name.

Considering all of these

Above all we discussed, don’t click on the unknown links from unknown accounts sent to your email or Instagram directly.

Your safety is guaranteed if you create a strong pass and activate other security options, including two-factor authentication and others.

Cyber-attacks can be a harrowing experience, and we hope you prevent them by following these simple steps. After doing all of these, enjoy your safe exploring on the internet, especially Instagram.


If you have any questions on this topic, please share with us in the comment section to answer.

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