How to Add Space to Instagram Captions & Bio?


As mentioned previously, writing captions under posts and Bio is critical in the engagement rate.

Bio is the foremost thing that a user observes when entering your profile. It should be clean, neat, straightforward, and engaging.

Also, you have to pay attention to the relevancy of your Bio with the concept of your page and your content.

This is also true for the caption part. You have to write how it seems more attractive, and it should contain all the essential information you want to say to your followers and audience.

Adding space in the Caption and Bio isn’t a big deal, but you have to know where to put them. Likewise, learning where to add space or where to fill a room.

These are the topics that we will examine in the following part.

How to Add Space to Instagram Captions & Bio?

The best ways to Add Spaces to Instagram

There are a few steps to write better captions and add spaces accurately, so let’s read them along.

  • Don’t write your caption in the caption section of Instagram directly.

It is a great way to practice the best form of writing; when you write a post on Instagram, you have no control over what you are writing or the spaces you want to add.

It is better to write your caption in advance and other places, think correctly about what you are writing, and then add your spaces. In the end, copy-paste it in the caption part.

You can write in your phone’s note or your email’s draft, so you won’t be worried about deleting them. On your notes and email, you can add spaces wherever you want. It is easier than the Instagram application itself.

Use this trick for your Bio too. It will be more pleasant and easy to read.

  • Avoid extra spaces in the caption & Bio.

Same as adding spaces to these 2 places, you have to avoid the extra and unwanted empty areas, so you can handle the whole text better, and in the end, these considerations make your content more eye-catching.

You can follow the trace of these extra spaces at the end of the sentences and after the dot marks.

How to Add Space in Instagram Captions & Bio?

How can you add these spaces in the best way?

We will tell you what you can add instead of space to make your Bio or caption look better in the following title.

  • Add characters and emoji.

The typical way to add spaces in the Bio and captions is using symbols. You can type directly into the app itself. It’s easier to put spaces in your Bio and captions.

What are these characters?

These characters are Dash, or Emoji, or a Simple space. You can use these 3 elements in your Bio and caption. Write your first sentence and after entering, add one of these elements and then enter again.

In this case, Instagram won’t avoid the spaces automatically. Using this structure, you can put spaces as much as you need, but don’t overdo it.

This is a good trick when you want to use Instagram itself to write a caption, but we still recommend using your notes instead of Instagram itself.

We just mentioned this for you to know that you can also make spaces on the app itself.

How can you add the space in your Bio?

To add spaces on your bio section and just use the app;

  • Go to your bio section.
  • Write your information.
  • Add some characters like underline (-) or bracket.
  • Add space between them, and then tap on “Enter.”
  • Write the following info and then return and delete the underline or bracket.

Doing this prevents Instagram from removing your spaces automatically.

Add your spaces accurately

Don’t add too much or too few spaces. Put yourself in your audience’s sights and see if the caption you made is exciting or not?

Don’t write your caption so close to the main first sentence. And separate your first sentence from the rest of your text to give a beautiful harmony.

You don’t need backslashes or extra symbols and emojis to add more space in your Bio on the Instagram webpage.

How to add spaces in Instagram bio and caption


Keeping your text content as suitable as your visual content is essential, and it is key to have a harmonious profile.

Whether on the bio section or in the caption, you need to make things the way they won’t bother your audience and make them read your info by making them attractive.

These were some tips to help you make better content and encourage the users to stay on your page.

What is your opinion about adding spaces? Do you add these spaces correctly?

Are they essential in the appearance of the Bio & Caption? Please share your ideas with us in the comment section.

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