How to Stop Instagram From Auto-Scrolling? (Turn off Auto Scroll)


On Instagram, there is a massive amount of content uploading every second and minute. It is better to know that an average of 95 million posts are uploaded on Instagram daily.

This is a considerable number! We see photos, videos, reels, and stories that are continuously uploading on our feed, so this is a minor example.

When it comes to Instagram, we pause to see things that catch our eye. Whether it’s a vibrant location or a decent dress, something about that content stops us in our tracks.

But sometimes Instagram automatically scrolls, and we can’t stop this from happening. It can be unpleasant sometimes to see such happenings on our favorite platform.

But is there any solution to stop Instagram from auto-scrolling?

How to Stop Instagram From Auto-Scrolling 2022

Snapping scrolling only happens in the feed and sometimes in the explore section. But don’t be worried! As always, here we have brought its solutions so you can fix and stop IG from scrolling posts automatically.

How to Stop Instagram from Auto-scrolling in 2022?

At first, Instagram released this “Auto Scrolling” for all the users not as an option but as a new update. Some users were blessed, and some were not that happy with this new feature.

Yet there is NOT a disable button in the setting to stop this auto-scrolling update, but there are some solutions you can enable and prevent this from happening.

In this part, we’re going to mention the tips and tricks to stop Instagram from scrolling automatically.

How to Stop Instagram From Auto-Scrolling 2022? (Tips & Tricks)

  • Adjust your home feed and use your favorite feed to avoid missing any content.

If you are worried about missing some content during this auto-scrolling, you can mark your favorite pages, and whenever you want, change your feed to the “Favorite” part and see all the content that your favorite accounts have shared.

This will prevent missing any new information and makes more straightforward access to pages you don’t want to miss.

  • Holding your finger down on the screen while scrolling to keep the app in place.

This is a good tip you can use while seeing the content. Keep your finger on any post you are watching and stop Instagram auto-scroll by the app itself.

How to Stop Instagram From Auto-Scrolling 2022? (Tips & Tricks)

This works so well on any content, from reels to videos and even photos. So whenever you want to increase your watching time, you have to hold your finger on the post and prevent Instagram from automatically scrolling.

  • Use the desktop version on Instagram in need.

I personally haven’t seen this feature on the Instagram desktop version. So if you are OK with using IG through your laptop or PC, you can do it.

You also can visit Instagram using your phone’s browser. This also prevents auto-scrolling problems.

As far as I know, automatic scrolling is most enabled on Android devices, so Android users can usually use all these tips to watch the posts on their Instagram feed or explore.

How to Stop Instagram From Auto-Scrolling 2022? (Tips & Tricks)

Is there any way to turn off auto scroll on Instagram?

To disable auto scroll on Instagram, if your app is updated, go to your profile on IG. Find the three lines in the top corner, and then tap “Settings.” then hit the “Scroll Speed” and choose “Off.

Not all the users on Instagram have this option, so we didn’t mention it at first.

To conclude briefly

If you are annoyed by Instagram auto-scrolling, you have no choice but to accept it for now because there is no actual way to stop Instagram from auto-scrolling.

But here, we mentioned some tips so you can use and fix Instagram auto-scrolling. Please inform us in the section below if you have used it and if this information was helpful.


Feel free to ask anything about Instagram hacks and tips and tricks. We would be delighted to help you on this fantastic journey.


Why does Instagram keep auto-scrolling?

In recent updates, Instagram keeps scrolling automatically because it’s designed that way. When you’re looking at shared content, the next one automatically comes after a few seconds, so you don’t have to scroll yourself. It’s a feature that many users find helpful or find annoying.

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