How to Use the “Text-To-Speech” on Instagram Reels? Tips & Ideas


As you know, Instagram has added so many great features to its Reels. You can use multiple tools to create the best Reels and share them to make your account reach more other users.

Here, in this article, we want to talk about one of these handy tools that Instagram has provided for us. “Text-To-Speech” Feature is on Instagram Reels, and it is one of the most used tools for Reel makers.

TikTok also has the Text-To-Speech Feature, and it has been a while that this one was added on Instagram. If you have heard the trendy videos on TikTok and Instagram, you might have heard the robotic voices, ones that are similar to Alexa’s or Siri, the famous bots.Instagram Reels

Text-to-speech is being rolled out on the Instagram Reels, with 2 options to choose from 2 automated voices. This ability is excellent for those who don’t want to use their voices or want to create some creative Reels on this popular platform.

How to use the Text-To-Speech on Instagram Reels

The best part of the text-to-speech option is that it is too easy to work with. In the subsequent section, we will elaborate more on this feature and tell you how to use it, so stay with us till the end!

How to Use the Instagram “Text-To-Speech” on your Reels?

If you want to add voice with a more playful effort on your reels, all you need to do is follow the guide below and use the “Text-To-Speech” on Instagram Reels.

What are the steps?

  1. First, open Reels Camera on your Instagram and record a video or upload one from your Gallery.
  2. Then, use the Instagram Text tool, and add text to the chosen video.
  3. You will see a text bubble, which you need to select it. After that, on the menu, just tap on “Text to Speech.”
  4. Now you will see 2 options: voice 1 and voice 2. You can select your favorite one and then tap on “Post.”

If you don’t want to add this feature, just tap on “None” in the last step and disable the text to speech! After you have turned your text into a voice-over, now you can move the voice off-screen or resize the text to obscure it from view.

How to use the Text-To-Speech on Instagram Reels

You can do it with your eyes shut! Just following these simple steps will make your video or Reel a level higher. Text-to-speech is trendy and won’t make your Reels flop, believe me! Need some ideas to use text-to-speech better? Read the following passage.

Best Ideas for using the Instagram Text-to-speech Feature on Reels

If you are a creator or own a brand, this feature helps you post more creatively and share better content as Reels for your followers and audiences.

To better surround this feature, we brought some ideas you can use and personalize them.

  • Add an Element of Humor

People will always love humorous content, no matter which app they use. So use this feature to add a sarcastic comment on your own Reels.

  • Narrate a short story

If you are a fan of trendy videos on social media, you definitely have seen these types of videos. If you have a cooking training page, or you share the food recipes using Instagram Reels, try to narrate how the idea of making this dish popped in your mind. Or how did you get the ingredients and blah blah blah.

How to use the Text-To-Speech on Instagram Reels

I personally love these kinds of videos and save them on my collection section to watch them again.

What is Instagram Voice Effects, and how to use them on Instagram Reels?

Let’s consider that you have recorded your voice and didn’t like it! This happens for all of us, and it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with your voice! It is just the way it is! Do you want to add some effects to it? Consider it DONE!

You have 5 voice effect options on Instagram: robot, announcer, giant, helium, and vocalist.

  1. If you want to use them, first you need to record a Reel and then open the audio mixer from the music note.
  2. Now you can see the “Effects” menu. Select a voice effect from different voices on your Instagram Reel.

This option is activated on both Android and iOS Instagram versions.

How to use the Text-To-Speech on Instagram Reels

To end things off

In this paper, we talked about the best feature of Instagram Reels called: Text-To-Speech. It is terrific if you want to make better Reels using your creativity. We also gave you some ideas to use it better if you have no idea what to do with this great feature!

Just highlight the best points in your Reels using the text-to-speech feature and see how much it can help you.


If you like to add anything to this topic, join the conversation below and write down your ideas. Stay tuned for more posts and news on goinstagram!

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