Instagram Topic Ideas: The Most Viewed Topics on Instagram


In 2022, all the content you want to make should be authentic, original, and attractive.

If you want to be on Instagram as a professional account owner and make your brand, you must pay attention to this critical point. It has always been a question of which content is the most popular among the users.

We cannot answer this question exactly, but there are some fields that people showed the most interest in, and we will mention them.

Nowadays, people’s tastes and interests are changing rapidly. It depends upon the trends and the daily events that happen in the world.


The Most Viewed and popular Topics on Instagram

Some topics are always popular, and people love following them.

Here, we are going to discuss them:

  • The first topic that is most popular on Instagram is music.

No wonder. It is predictable. This vast and moneymaker industry is always a step further than others. Since Instagram is one of the most popular social networks, music industry executives and those related to this industry are investing in this platform.

Most of the top pages on Instagram are the pages of singers or bands. They have more followers than other famous people.

We mention some of them with the most number of followers:

@arianagrande with 293 million followersINSTA MUSIC TOPIC

@selenagomez with 294 million followers



@beyonce with 236 million followers


And bands like:

@bts.bighitofficial with 59.3 million followers


@onedirection with 23 million followers


@metallica with 7.9 million followers


  • The second topic is humor and happiness.

Making funny memes and videos on Instagram has become new marketing. There are lots of pages that work and content in this field.

People love this kind of humorous post. The need to be happy and make other people laugh has always been in human nature.

These are related popular accounts in this field:

@epicfunnypage with 16.4 million followers


@fuckjerry with 16.3 million followers



  • The third topic is food reviewing.

Food is an inseparable part of our lives. With the advent of the internet and the interaction of people with each other around the world, sharing new recipes has become a favorite activity.

Tasting other nations’ food is one of the hobbies that people have nowadays. And there are lots of food reviewers and influencers on Instagram.

Here are some popular accounts in the food industry:

@gordongram with 13.3 million followers

food reviewing

@jamieoliver with 8.8 million followers


@thepioneerwoman with 3.9 million followers


  • Another topic is traveling.

You cannot find a person that doesn’t like traveling, or at least sightseeing. This is an activity that opens your mind and makes you more creative.

When you work hard during the week or for a more extended period, you need a break from your daily routine.

You can find influencers that intrude you the places you can go and visit. If you are interested and travel a lot, make a professional account and share your knowledge with others.

You can check out these pages:

@natgeotravel with 45 million followers


@julianapaes with 29.9 million followersINSTA TRAVELLING TOPICS

  • Last but not least is fashion and fitness topics.

Many models, influencers, and sports trainers on Instagram are advertising to have a fit body. Social media itself makes some people feel wrong about their shape, so most people have body-shaming.

The need to look good and be acceptable makes people take care of their appearance and weight.

Most of the role models on Instagram are models with perfect bodies and fabulous clothes.

And to be honest, people love the way that they look and dress. So they follow them and try to look like them.

They are inspired by models’ lifestyles and the way they are dressed:

@cristiano with 397 million followersINSTA fashion and fitness TOPICS

@sommerray with 26.8 million followers

INSTA fashion and fitness TOPICS

@kendalljenner with 216 million followers

INSTA fashion and fitness TOPICS

@colesprouse with 35.9 million followers

INSTA fashion and fitness TOPICS

In ending this

If you want to be an influencer and choose a more popular field, let me give you a piece of advice: follow your heart and be creative!

Don’t search about the topics that are already popular on Instagram.

Yes, it is hard, but it’s epic. To find your interesting topic and to go after that needs lots of hard work.

But if you make original and specific content and find the best topic of your own, you can be successful in your career on social media or your real life.


If you wanted to become an influencer, which field of activity would you pick? What is your field of interest? Let us know in the comment section.

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