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Instagram, this popular and most used application, helps many businesses show and represent themselves to other people. This platform help creators to find their target audiences and communicate with them. This can lead to their development and make their work visible and viral.

As an artist, you can use this opportunity to expand your work and gain more audiences for your art. You can embrace this app to speed up your experiment.

If you don’t know where to begin and how to begin, just take a quick search and scan on this forum to find the artists that are just like you and utilize their accounts perfectly.

Stay with us and see the selection we have brought you from the best artists on Instagram who are very successful in showing off their talent using this handy app. Let’s dive in.

top 10 art accounts on Instagram

Top 10 Art Instagram Accounts You Need to follow to get inspired

We reached the most beautiful part of this paper! In the following section, you can see the most popular and mesmerizing are accounts on Instagram and have some information about them.

Follow anyone that you like to see how they manage their works and at the same time their accounts to make perfection. As you know, Instagram is a visual-based application, and it has so many features you can represent your art.

These are just some of the samples we have mentioned for you:

  1. @Artforum

You can find anything from a lot of fantastic arts, Interviews, and events in this account. If you want the closest access to a museum anytime you wish, this one is for you.

  1. @Damienhirst

Damien Hirst is a British artist. He is making the most of the technology, I mean Instagram, at his disposal. The artist’s Instagram posts– with an audience of 900k – show stunning shots of his recent exhibitions, including treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable in Venice.

  1. @Danielarsham

He is a surrealist installations combiner artist. Daniel Arsham is good at capturing teasing Instagram clips and photos. His feed is filled with the shots of his Brooklyn studio. Check his artistic page and get lost in his perfectly made world.

  1. @Fubiz

Fubiz is a kind of creative agency where you can go if you are looking for nice pictures and news from the beautiful world of art and design.

  1. @Andreazittel

Andrea Zittel is a researcher. She organizes her research at her highly photogenic place in California. She looks into the beauty of architecture, food, and clothes to understand human nature better. Andrea Zittel documents this info in her photographs.

  1. @Vu_photo

Are you looking for the best and rare shots on Instagram to make your feed eye-comforting? So you need Agence VU, the best account on Instagram, to keep your visual mind fed.

If photography is what you are looking for, just check this page.

Instagram art pages

  1. @Jr

Where there is art, there is a French artist. He is one of the accounts that you have to follow. What are his posts about? His posts are records of his unusual take on street art. Those looking for street art can find pictures to feed their souls.

  1. @Daily_paintings

Emil is a Swedish art lover who created a passionate community on Instagram. He shares a painting and discusses it with his followers daily. If you are an art lover, this is the definitive account to follow if you are eager to talk about art with people like you.

  1. @Shantell_martin

She is from Britain but lives in New York. The artist Shantell Martin is known for her simplistic line drawings. She covers walls, clothes, sunglasses, and street shutters with her drawings. Her feed is a light-hearted mixture of art and inspiration. This Britain artist is a fan of monochrome.

  1. @Dreamersofdecadence

This account was founded by a French influencer named Louise Ebel. Dreamers of Decadence is an art selection organized by four art lovers worldwide. The account is like a virtual book for art.

Instagram art accounts you need to follow

In the end

Take a quick scan of these mentioned accounts, and you will find your favorite. I personally couldn’t decide which one to follow. They are all amazing and pursue a certain goal. Art is something that you have to pay attention to.

You can give your eyes the chance to see artistic beauty even on a social media application. Thanks to Instagram, we can find anything we want to see daily and discuss.

If you are an artist, and you didn’t create a professional account for your artworks, these pages might inspire you to think about your decision.


If you know any other artists, please share their Instagram page for us in the comment section. And let us know if you enjoyed this topic.

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